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Have you ever been involved in real estate? The quote below will make more sense to you if you have:

Online business has been referred to as the modern real estate; the real estate of the new era. Where instead of lands, you have domains and instead of buildings, you have websites.

                                                                           Frank Chisom

The vision and idea behind MadeItOnline.com was birth at the end of my first year as an online entreprenuer, internet marketer, online business owner, ... and what have you - honestly we are known by numerous names.

This was after I had created and developed 5 online businesses in my first year of making money on the internet as a complete newbie. If you know that 9 in every 10 new online businesses fails in their first 3 months, you will realise that was a great achievement.

So at that point, as I looked back, I asked, "What would have made this journey easier?, What is that one thing, had I know or had, would have caused me to achieve success faster?"

The answer was - MadeItOnline.com. I soon came to the realisation that many new online business owners fail because they do not have the right and exact training. I mean a step by step guide that would tell them of the realities of owning and running an online business.

An instruction manual that will not just tell them WHAT to do but HOW to do it and most importantly WHEN to do it.

Most novices to making money online fail because they waste their time and energy performing tasks that has little or no effect on their online business success while neglecting those tasks that really does matter.

Frank Chisom

So on this website, I have persevered to reveal key areas and points of focus that will ensure that all who apply the wisdom thought here will succeed in making money online through their online business.

My goal is not just to help you start an online business but to help you succeed in your online business, as I teach you and others like you through the knowledge, experiences and stories of how I made it online. That was the inspiration for the name "MadeItOnline.com". 

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Success to you in all you do in Jesus name. Amen

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February 2018

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