... A One Month Practical Step By Step Guide: Learn, Apply, and Make Money Online At The Same Time ...

The Exact Strategy I Used To Create 5 Successful Online Business In My First Year Of Making Money On The Internet.

In just one month, I will teach you what took me over a year to learn and perfect. Don't worry, I won't overwhelm you. The reason it took that long was because did not have the coaching that I am offering you in the MadeItOnline Academy - Freshman Level.

So I wasted countless hours trying stuffs that did not contribute to the success of my online business. I took so long because I was on my own, learning from scratch, taking in all the info on the internet both the garbages and the nutrients. I learnt the hard way that the fastest way to create a successful online business to make money online is by having someone who has already weathered the storm to show you the way.

Do I claim to be a guru, an expert that knows it all? Yes and no.

No because I am no guru; I am Frank Chisom. I do not claim to know it all, I do not claim to offer you a magic solution that will make you tons of money overnight, I do not claim that my online business strategy is all play and no work. No, I do not pedal "Get-Rich-Quick" scheme. There will be some work involved as in all honest money making methods but the profits far outweighs the work.

Yes, because I do know something. I know how to make money online by creating successful online businesses. At the time I start, most online marketers were saying it took them 5 years - 8 years to succeed in making money on the internet. I said to myself, I will do it in 2 years.

And I did, in fact I did in one year. And not just with one but with 5 different online businesses in various niches.

What I have learnt, refined and tested is what I have taught and explained in the MadeItOnline Academy - Freshman Level.


While all other means are making cents, you will be making thousands of dollars monthly.


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MadeItOnline Academy - Freshman Level

Most Make Money Online Newbies Fail in Their First 3 Months. I Will Show How to Make $500 - $1000 in Your First Month.


Do you know it is possible to make over $1000 in your first 30 days; by applying these strategies I used to create 5 successful money making online businesses in just my first year.


To put this in context, do you also know that 90% of new online marketer fail in their first 3 months?

Yes, only 10% pass their first 3 months of trying to make money online.

However, using these effective, sniper targeted strategies that I have revealed in the MadeItOnline Academy - Freshman Level course, I created five successful online businesses in my first year alone.

Yes! Not one but five online businesses that keep making income for me; even today.

But it gets better; I am willing to share my secret strategic online money making principles.

In this 30 days practical course, I will show you how to start making regular income online within your first 30 days of starting your very own online business.

The MadeItOnline Academy - Freshman Level Course was designed for those new to making money on the internet. It is also those who have been attempting to make a living online but are yet to succeed.

In the Freshman Level course,

I don't just tell you WHAT TO DO!

I showed you HOW TO DO IT!


Be honest with me. How much money have you made online?

You have heard tons of people saying they are making money online.

You might have even tried it and failed.

So you came to the conclusion: It's all a lie; a scam.

Well, hold on a second.

Yes I agree some people lie about how much money they are making online.

But everyone can't be lying?

If there is a fake, then there must also be an original.

Before I continue, the law requires that I tell you that there is no guarantee that you will make the same amount of money as me in the same time frame.

But having said that, I say it is very possible to make real money on the internet on a consistent basis and it is not scam.

Just last week, using these same lucrative strategies I have been refining, I added a new branch to my online business empire that have increased my weekly earnings by over $1000.

I could show you lots of numbers and testimonials but I have decided not to do that.

Those are no real proof, the numbers and testimonials can easily be faked and many marketers do that.

No, I won't show fakable so-called proof.

I have got nothing to lose and you have got everything to gain.

You are covered by a full no question asked, money-back guarantee - you have nothing to lose. No risk at all.

I want you to use your head and follow gut.

I want you to register for the MadeItOnline Academy - Freshman Level course because you know that your financial status could be way better.

I want you to join because you are smart to recognise a genuine goldmine opportunity when it comes your way.

I want you to join because the entrepreneur in you is screaming to be let out.

Because you know that these effective strategies that keep making me thousands of dollars through my online businesses will break the bank on your behalf.

In this very course, where you apply as you learn, I have shown you how to succeed in making recurring income online in one month while others are failing and giving up after 3 months of struggle.

Read the course details below and join immediately.

Your money is waiting for you.

A Sneak Peep into MadeItOnline Academy - Freshman Level

We are at decided to dube this course the Freshman Level because it is designed to equip both beginners' to making money on the internet through online business and those who are fimailar with online marketing but have not yet seen any signifcant succeess.

The goal of this course MadeItOnline Academy - Freshman Level is not just to teach you online marketing, but to see you succeed in earning regular income online. While others are giving up after 3 months, you will be earning regular income online and moving on to your next online business project.

Online Business is a very simple but principled method of making money. Hence, in order to succeed, you must be willing to do it, know what you are doing, and have the necessary tools to do it. In a nutshell, you must be:


- not be a saint but love yourself enough to want to succeed and live the good life. You must have a strong desire to be rich and wealth. This I can not do for you. So ask yourself, do I want to be so free that I do not have to worry about money, going to work or losing my job ever again.


- not be an expert but be willing to learn and follow instructions. Those who cannot follow through do not succeed in making money online. Those who do not want to learn new but want to watch tv all day do not succeed in online business. In the MadeItOnline Academy - Freshman Level, I will teach you what you need to succeed. Will you be willing to learn and apply what I teach? If yes, then you will succeed.


- not about buying every shiny tool in the market but about investing in what you really need. Do you know that online business requires the lowest capital investment and pays the highest return on investment. With just about $100 or less you will have all you need. Most of the tools you will need are free but you should be willing to investment when necessary such as in hosting for your business website and autoresponder. I even showed you how to get a domain for free but remember, if you are not will to invest, you are not yet ready for business.

Developing Effective Monetization Strategy to Help you Make More Money Online on Autopilot

I have heard quite of a number of internet marketers advise beginners to not think about the money at first. Although, this might sound as expert advice from one perspective, looking at it from a more business and hence holistic point of view; this is the one of the major reason so many people fail in making money online.

They were not thinking about the money. At least, they were not thinking of the money the right way.

In MadeItOnline Academy - Freshman Level, I have shown you how to come up with a great and profitable monetization strategy for your online business. Remember, like I said above, to make recurring high monthly on the internet, you have to treat your make money online efforts as a business.

No successful entrepreneur hoping to own a profitable business goes off without thinking of how to make money from his investments.

So in this practical course, I have shown you how to come up with a winning monetization plan for your internet business that works - no matter your level of experience.

How to Easily Generate Free Targeted Traffic and Build A Large Loyal Online Followers

This is the worry of most beginners to internet marketing, they worry about how to generate large traffic to their website. And others who have been at it for a while blame their failure to make money online on their inability to drive large free targeted traffic to their website.

I say this all the time; generating free traffic to your website is the easiest thing in internet marketing. In fact, it is the last thing you should worry about.

As part of the MadeItOnline Academy - Freshman Level, you will be taught how and when to drive free targeted traffic to your website to help you make money online. This exact strategies I will show you are custom made specifically for young online businesses that are just getting started and for those who have not be receiving most traffic as much as they wish.

Increasing Your Conversion Rates to Make More Sales and Capture More Leads to Earn Higher Income From Your Online Business Money Machine

Increased conversion rate will help you make more money from your online business. It will make your monetization strategy more effective so that every effort you make to earn income on the internet is maximised.

To make enough money online to become financially independent through your online business, you must be able to fine tune your online business to have the highest conversion rate possible.

In the MadeItOnline Academy - Freshman Level course, I will show you how to ensure that your have a high conversion rates in your internet business and online income earning efforts so that you could benefit from your target traffic and monetisation strategy. 

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Are you one of those who seem to not be able to come up with even one good business idea. With this bonus package, that is all in the past.

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How certain are you that your business idea is profitable. Are you certain it is what the market wants and that it will make you lots of money. This test helps you refine both online and offline business ideas.   

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$97 >>>>>> $67

For a Limited Time


MadeItOnline Academy - Freshman Level

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This is the final stage. It's time to make up your mind and take the step that will transform your financial life forever.

This is a 30 days practical course and it keep you at peace as you take this freedom step, I am giving you a 7 days money back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied by this course in the next 7 days, send me an email and I will swiftly refund your money 100%.

Our support email address will be provided inside the course so that you can contact us whenever you want.

Take this crucial step today. There is no risk involved.