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Make Money Tools

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I hope you read this page, if you haven't, please read it first and then come back here; that way, the content below would make much more sense to you.

 I am assuming that everyone reading from here on have read this page and so there's no need for introductions and beating around the bush.  

webmaster-logoBelieve it or not, lots people pay hundreds of dollars to learn what I am about to teach you here for free. So please show some appreciation by sharing this guideline using the buttons on the left side of the page and by commenting below.

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Ok now; let's dive right in....

The aim of this page is to serve as a summary to online business setup guideline, a quick start to making money online. I will not be going into  much detail as you will find in a typical text book. My goal is to help you get set-up as quickly as possible, depending on your speed of application of what I show you today.

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Remember I said, if you FOLLOW the advice in this guide and APPLY what it says.

Rule no 1: In online business, internet marketing, affiliate marketing or anything that has to do with making money online, "application is key". Knowledge is vital but application of that knowledge is what makes the difference between those whose make $0 a day and those who make $1000 a day.

...  Frank Chisom

First, let me tell you a part of my story that's related to what I said above.

It was my first year in the university, studying electrical and electronic engineering; I was looking for a place where I could work and study at the same time but I could not find one. It was during that period that I remembered I had read a blog post about making money online sometime ago but had discarded it as "all online income opportunities are scams".

photo-1416838375725-e834a83f62b7However, I really needed to find a source of income so I went online and started researching ways to make money online. Oh boy, there were so many; I got confused. There were so many reviews all having different unparalleled opinions  about each program or method of making money online.

I read and read and read and kept reading because by now I was certain that there were others really making genuine money on the internet. I just have to discover what they were doing and do the same. And I am glad to say that I did.

Most importantly, there was one thing that kept bothering me. Most people whom I found that were making money on the web usually said that it took them 2-3 years to make their first dollar and up to 5 - 8 years, and some even 10 - 12 years to start making regular income online.

To me that was a problem. I was not willing to wait 2 years to make my first dollar, no. If I was to depend solely on my online income, then I would have died and rotted before making my first dollar.

No, there must be a way and I sworn to myself to find it. I decreed and prayed about it. I declared that 2 years from that day, that I would be making not my first dollar but regular income online. And I glad and honoured to said that I did.

In just one year into my online business adventure, I had invested into and successful set up 5 online businesses. Yea I did it, I found the way and I did it in less than the 2 years deadline that I set for myself. I did it in just 1 year.

If I am to start all over again, having all the knowledge and discipline that I have acquired at my disposal, I will be making money in 14 days or less. So do not be surprised when I say that my aim is to show just exact, what to do to make money online as soon as possible. 

Beginners' Guide to Making Money Online Fast

open_door_welcoming_salesman_1600_clr_5847-511x585Everything is easy, if you know just what to do. So just follow my guideline step by step as I take you from the beginning to the very end. There is no need to feel overwhelmed. If you follow what I say step by step, one at a time, you will be completely fine.

Honestly, many other marketers who know this formula, charge hundreds dollars to teach what I am about to show below for free. So show your appreciation by applying what you learn because all I want is to see you succeed. I know what it feels like to be struggling to make money, online or offline, because I was once there. 

The summary of the free online business setup guide starts now. Remember to take notes of what actions to take. I did not promise to make you rich, I said that I will should you what to do and that if you fully apply them, you can start making money online as soon as possible.

Rule no 2: Online business is just that - "a business" and so you've got to treat it as such. It is not child's play. You have to have that mindset, if you don't have it already, get it as soon as possible if you want to succeed online.

... Frank Chisom

 Apart from acknowledging that you need knowledge and the application of that knowledge to succeed in making money online, the first thing you need to develop is a business man's or better still an entrepreneur's mentality. Although it is said that money do not grow on trees,  "I (that is you) can create and develop systems (the trees) that can bear money like fruits (that you plug from a tree).

So as a business man, you should know that you must invest (plant) money. Of course you do not have to lose an arm and a leg to do so, but you will need to buy the necessary tools and information knowledge that you will need to create your systems that will start producing money for you.

If you are not willing to wisely invest some money into you online money making endeavor, then you are not ready to start. Don't forget that it is extremely cheaper and easier to succeed in making money online than it is offline in the brick and mortar world.

Knowledge Step 1: You will need to find products and services to sell. No matter how we describe it or package it, the only way to make money online is to sell products and/or services.

IMG_0804There are many ways and methods to make money online but I always refer beginners to affiliate marketing because it is one of the few ones in you can succeed fast and earn large income online, if you know exactly what to do like I am showing you now.

Affiliate marketing is simply the method of make money online where you recommend, promote or advertise products and services of other vendors to other internet user for a commission. You are promoting others' products and services so you have something to sell but the hassle such as customer services and the rest is done by the creator of the product.

Through affiliate programs on their websites or affiliate networks (a website with a lot of affiliate programs); creators of products and service provide affiliate links and affiliate promotional tools to anyone who is interested in promoting their products and services. The commissions are either a percentage of the sale price or a fixed amount.

Action Step 1: You are to join these affiliate networks (just click on them, I have set them to open in a new tab)

  1. JVZOO

Stop reading... It is time to take action. Click on each program on the list about and it will automatically open in a new tab on your browser. Then register to join the network; it is free to join. You will need to be inside the networks for the next step. If you want more details on affiliate marketing, check out

Action Step 2: Once you are inside the affiliate networks above, go to the market place and look through the categories available. Choose the type of products and services that you are going to promote. In affiliate marketing, we call that "NICHE".

Why is this important? The answer is simple. Each of these marketplaces have thousands of products for sale and there are billions of buyers on the internet. You can't just sell all the products to all the buyers, you could in probably 20 - 30 years of affiliate marketing but at the beginning, you have to FOCUS.

So choose one category of products that you will market to that same category of buyers on the internet. Since this is your first time, it is best to go the easiest route.

Choose a category that:

  1. you have the most knowledgeable in  (most important factor)
  2.  you will find easy to research and learn more about
  3. you like and are passionate about  (least important factor)

Quick Example:

Let's use Click Bank. After logging into your account, click on the market place on the top menu bar. Scroll down and look the categories. Click on the one you want to promote, then scroll up to the filters, set the gravity between 10 - 15, and set the average sale between $10 - $15.

Now you can choose from the products remaining on the list. Click on the promote to get your links and you can start promoting right away. But remember , my aim is to help start making money online as soon as possible so you have to follow the next step.

This is My Space - Hey ! Everyone, come over here

Knowledge Step 2: You need to be found online. So you have to create an online presence where other internet users can find you.

Any part of the web that you can control can become your online premise where your influence can be felt and your job as an online marketer will be to direct, attract and drive as much people(traffic) as you can to your online premise which is completely under your control.

desktopSo, it could be your forum profiles and comments, you Facebook page or group, you Google plus page, your YouTube videos and most importantly your website.

Understand this, at this stage you can start making money, and many people do and have done it in the past, by promoting and sharing your affiliate links on social media page, groups, profiles and forum. Although that will make you some money, it is not guaranteed because those platforms do not belong to you and so you are not in complete control.

As a result, you could be making a lot of money today but everything and  I mean everything can be gone tomorrow. For example, Facebook and some other social media networks now blocks certain affiliate links. So if you were solely dependant on social media, your business would have definitely taken a hit.

You need your own website, because it is completely under your control and you can do whatever you want on it. Don't even think of getting a free website that has it's own issues and restrictions too. Neither should you think of getting a free or extremely cheap web host because this saying is true "with web hosting, you get exactly what you pay for".

Action Step 3: Click on this link >> Domain and Web host to get your free domain name for life and your hosting plan. Then install your WordPress website with just button clicks.

You domain name is your website address. Choose a domain the reflect your personality, or the topic or niche of your website. With this web hosting company, you are given a domain name of your choice for free, this means that they will keep paying the $10 domain registration fee for you as long as you are hosting your website with them.

They are also very affordable and has tons of useful features and you can host up to 6 website for less than $10 a month. Sign up for a personal class hosting plan, fill in your details and use this coupon >>8dis6count62<< for 20% discount. During the registration you will be asked if you want WordPress to be install automatically, tick yes.

After registering for your hosting plan and domain, an email will be sent to you containing all the details you will need. In your billing account, click on verify account and then head over to your email and click the link in the verification email. If you have any question, their support team is very helpful and promote and will attend to you.

After registration and verification, allow two or their hours for everything to be set up and then log in to your WordPress Replace with the actually domain that you just registered. For more details of how to set-up a WordPress website/blog, check the posts on the website >>

Creating Your Online Money Making Machine

Knowledge Step 3:You must offer value to your website visitors for them to trust and like you. However, even if they likes your contents, you may lose them FOREVER if you do not connect with them before they leaveSo you must offer value and collect leads.

Let me use you as a case study:

How many websites have you visited and you liked but have not return to since you left. Maybe you really meant to but it just slipped you mind.

dollarImagine the scenario where you left your email address in a form asking the webmaster or website manager to send your a special content and notifications of updates. If this was the case, do you think that you might have returned to that website/blog at least once after you left the first time?

Most probably yes.

Now do you see the secret and the mistake of  those online marketers and bloggers who succeed and those who failed. They work so hard on getting traffic and but they have no strategy for maintain and keeping the traffic that do come. That's one of the secrets of those who succeed, they keep the same traffic coming back for more.

And in other for you to do that, you have to capture leads. Depending on your business type or niche, it could be email address, phone number or sometime else but the most preferred leads are email addresses.

Do you remember the rule no 1 state above?

To succeed in making money online, you have to treat it as a business but that is what it is. Many people have failed online because they refused to invest in what they needed to capture leads, and now they have their failure to show for it. I was like that at the beginning but thank God, I learnt my lesson early enough.

Now, to start capturing leads and email addresses, you will need an email services and auto-responder software and a lead magnet. The service or software helps you to automatically store your contacts, manage them, schedule and send emails automatically.

Your lead magnet is something that your visitors will find use and so they are will to give you their email address to get it.

Action Step 4:

  1. Click here on Lead and Autoresponder software to sign up for your 30 days free trail account.
  2. Create a high quality and useful lead magnet.

After signing up for your free account above, start creating your lead magnet. It should not take much time. It could be:

  1.  PDF e-report of 2 - 4 page providing information and answer for particular problematically areas of your niche.
  2. It could be an eBook very relevant to the topic of your website.
  3. It could be a cheat-sheet or practical guidelines that you know that people want
  4. It could be a power point presentation or slides save as PDF
  5. It could be a pack of picture that you know they want
  6. It could be a 2 - 5 short video series on a topic or related topics.

Whatever it is, just make sure that:

  • It is relevant to your website topic and niche. That it actually what most people wants help with. How do you find out what people in your niche wants?  Check out questions in forums and social media group related to your niche. Google >> "your niche here" forums
  • It is of high or reasonable quality. I referring to the usefulness and helpfulness of the information that you are offering and not just how it look. People would not much have it look much as long as it delivers on what it promises. But still try to have a good look cover.
  • Quickly read about ten blog posts and articles on the topic. Also read answers on forums and social media groups and then use what you learnt to create a short video/s, e-report/s, slide/s, or lists and cheat sheets that you can you as your lead magnet.
  • Find, the more you can offer, the more people are likely to sign up. However, even if you have one lead magnet presented well. you will still see great results.
  • Remember to add your affiliate links in your lead magnets where ever it is relevant.

It should take you 2 -5 hours to create a good lead magnet.

Now it is time to put it all together. All what we have discussed above are components that on their own could make you lots of money but when put together will create you a money making machine just for you.

We are now going to create a signup page or a squeeze page.

On your <a< span=""> href="" target="_blank">lead and autoresponder account, create a your a signup form. then add the code to your a  page on your WordPress site. Upload your lead magnet to your WordPress media if it is a PDF or Image. Up a video to YouTube or Vimeo and get the embed code and paste on your thank page that your visitors will see after input their email. That's most of it, the rest is just refining.

I Am Here - Come and pay me a visit

By the evening of day 5, you should have gotten to this stage. You are ready for some traffic. Now is the time to set blowing your trumpet all over the web as you try to get other's attention. Everything is ready.

Website  checked: completed  Click to  revise Website
Affiliate Network accounts   checked: completed  Click to revise Affiliate Network accounts
 Lead magnet   checked: completed  Click to revise Lead magnet
 Website address and Affiliate links in lead magnet   checked: completed  Click to revise Website address and Affiliate links in lead magnet
 Auto responder settings   checked: completed  Click to revise Auto responder settings
 At least 3 email sequence   checked: completed  Click to revise At least 3 email sequence
 Sign up / Squeeze page   checked: completed  Click to revise Sign up / Squeeze page
Website visitors/Web traffic  about to get that  Read below to complete this task

Knowledge Step 4: Web Traffic is the life line of any website therefore, traffic is the lifeline of any online business. You can have a website without traffic but " you can not make money from your online business without traffic".

That says it all.

All what I have shown you above will be useless without traffic; however, without all what we did above, your all the traffic you can get will be of no use to you. So I keep telling my students, before you got out their looking for traffic, make sure that your website is ready to convert them to subscribers, customers and ardent followers when they finally come.

Action Step 5:I am going to show you 4 ways to drive traffic to your website that works fast.  They are:

  1. Traffic Sharing
  2. Forums
  3. Social media profile, groups and pages
  4. Email List Building

Yeah, you are seeing right, no search engine optimisation - SEO.

Don't get me wrong, seo is great. Actually you </a<>should be doing seo from the very beginning but the mistake that most newbie to blogging and online marketer do is to depend on seo as their main source of traffic during their first year of trying to make money online.

Again don't get me wrong, it is possible for a new website to get a lot of seo traffic but it will require a lot of time, work and money. However, those three things are what most people trying to make money on the internet are not willing to invest. Of Course do basic seo, but forget hardcore seo and Adsense for now, that's for the intermediate and advanced blogger, webmasters and marketers.

Traffic Sharing Web Traffic Methods

This comes in various shapes and sizes. It is simple to guest blogging but at the same time very different. One way of doing it is by joining a Traffic Sharing Site and these kinds of  website, usually have thousands of members. The members visit other member's website to earn credit for others to visit their own website. And on this website ads are quite very cheap.

This kind of sharing helps your website seo because the search engine notices that lots of people are visiting your website any so they will rank you higher. This traffic also helps you alexa rankings and so advertiser sees your website as a good place to advertise, and so will want to pay you for that.

Also after you join this website, you can make affiliate commissions by inviting others to join. You can also develop good relationship with other members who you can guest post for, create a promotion together and promote a product together - Joint Venture  now or later in the future. Members from traffic sharing websites also share your content on social media, encouraging more traffic to your site or blog. What ever you do, it is always good advice to include solo ads.

Relevant Forums Traffic Method

You have got to be careful with this one. It is both an art and a science, so you do not play by the rules, it can easily get you banned and blacklisted in many forums. I liked that lesson that hard way.

In my early days of making money online, I was so excited and also kind of getting frustrated because after 3 weeks of creating my website, I was still not seeing any reasonable traffic. So after I heard that I could generate traffic from forums, in spite of the warnings on the blogs that I read - just as I am warning you now, started diving into every forum I could find and immediately started to post links.

I thought that I was being wise so I usually just type one to three lines of answers and the a place a link to my website, of course not this one. I just could resist the temptation to leave a link, what made the tempt worst was that I was seeing huge traffic coming from the forums to my website.

By now you must have guess what happened. My IP address got banned from some of them and I stop before the other had the chance to ban me to. Now I can now access those forums I was banned from, by using this proxies or this VPN but I have learnt the rules and there is not fear or chance of being banned again.

So what's the point, learn from my mistake. On forums, people need help not links. So may sure that you post only on forum categories related to the niche and topic of your website. Also give detail answers of  6 - 20 lines and only link to articles, post and sign up pages on your website that is related to the question and that helps the the person asking.

Some forum you can uses are Yahoo Answers, 4chan, warrior forum and others. Use those other you find related to your niche to get more targeted traffic. But still try solo ads, they are the fastest.

Social Media Profile, Pages, Groups

The advantage of using Facebook compared to other social network is that you get multi-avenues through which you can enhance traffic. So use them to your advantage.

Facebook groups runs on similar rules as forums and so if you use the forum strategy, you should be fine. Join groups that are related to your niche and also create at least one group which you should manage properly and diligently. A well manage group is a great traffic asset because people knows that they can always get value from it.

Treat your Facebook page with as much love and care as you would treat a blog and you will be fine. updated regularly and informatively. It could be a page about your website or a personal personality page. For profiles, you can have two different ones if you do not want to mix your personal and business. Some people do this, while other do not mind.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure your treat your business on Facebook proper. The traffic is not immediate but as you continually gloom it, once it start, it is continuous. This Facebook page and twitter management tool will help you set your facebook pages on auto-pilot. You will need that. Solo ads will be more effective in the short run.

Email List Building Traffic Method

I can never over emphases this, "you online money making machine actually starts and ends with your email list". Your email list of customers, subscribers and prospector is your greatest online asset. Even of greater than your website.

But, it is not only about the size of your email list that matters, that's is important, but the quality of the list. The saying that the money is in the list is not a lie. You can keep selling and promoting to people on your list for years after they visited your website. So you keep making money from them even if they never visit you website ever again.

Even if your website get destroy, or due to some Google update you lose you search engine high ranking, as long as you have access to your email list of buyer and subscribers, you are still in business. You can still continue to promote affiliate programs to them as your rebuild your website.

So it is very vital that your treat your email list in the right way and the copy and paste method will show you how. Listen to me. Do not try to cut corners here, the copy and paste method I guarantee you will have you make more money that you can ever make without it.

If you do exact what I have taught above, you will need the copy and paste method to seal it and make it really complete. Because it is still useless to have 7,000 people on your email list, if you don not know how to properly treat them for them to help you make money.

The copy and paste method shows you how to create such great relationship with the poor on your list that they will love you so much and are willing to help you share you emails and affiliate links in them during promotion times. I cannot over emphasise the copy and paste method, I also use it. Remember, solo ads are the fastest way to gain traffic and build your list.

I guess that wraps it up, for the beginners level. I assure you that if you implement fully what I have just explain to you are, you will start having traffic just two days after completing the step, and by the seventh after fully completing this step, you would have made your first dollar online.

Try it and see, and see that it work. I have shown you what to do, and how to do it; so it is now up to to to decide if you want to be successful in making money online or if you want to keep struggling or worst still give up. Remember, no excuse is good enough. If you are determined to succeed, you will find a way. Especial with the quality guideline I just gave you for free.

So you invest in your future today and fight to be financial independent, financial free and financially successful today. All what I have shown you will cost less that $100 to implement in your first month. That is far less that what I spent in my first year of investing in my online education and success. Just in my first year, I invested over $1000 into my online success. 

Do I regret it? Absolute NO!!! Because I did it and because I did not give up during the hard time, I am reaping the rewards today. So my friends I say to you follow my lead and advise. Come on, you can do it. You can succeed, YOU WILL SUCCEED, in Jesus name. Amen.


As a bonus, I will give you my 4 trademark and brand strategies and formats that you could use to set up you blog or website. It is "The 4Factor Online Business Model" - each strategy has it advantage and disadvantage and will perform better in some niche than in others. They are ExperienceFactor, InformForm, ChallengeFactor, and LeadFactor. However, it will not make much sense to you if you did not read the guideline to making money online; please if you happen to be in that group, read above first.












At the beginning all you need is just 2 - 5 pages. An about page more about your self or brand that the niche but you send have to connect them, one or two pages about your past experiences related to the niche - pointing out the lesson to be learnt , a front page where you clear present the lead magnet and briefly talk about the yourself but more about the niche.

You could also add a contact page if you which. However, this strategy do not leave room for branding the website as a company site as with the Inform Factor. You can brand it as a company site but it will still be tie to you because you have got to tell the story in the first person pronoun. Meaning you write using the "I, ME" pronouns.

You could tell the story of your company and connect it to the niches, or the brand could be you where you tell the story of your professional and career life (this is usually in the make money and business niches) or you could talk about your personal life(this is usually okay in the (family, relationship, self help or other related niches). 

Remember that your goal is to capture leads and develop relationships with your subscribers joints as explained in the copy and paste method so that they are willing to buy from you.

The intermediate and advance levels of this strategy is a medium - large blog or pure website with well organised articles and pages having your affiliate links in them.

On this website, I am using a combination of the ExperienceFactor and InformFactor strategies. I have built money making websites using all these strategies.



With the information strategy, unlike the lead magnet strategy, your website must have more than one pages. The intermediate and advanced levels of this strategy is usually a full blown blogging website.

But for now, just aim to have minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 pages of useful, relevant, and informative articles about the niche  or the main topic of the website. Try to make all the pages accessible from the main menu.

Focus the articles on topics and questions whose answers and solutions are most sort after in that niches. Present you lead magnet boldly on the front page of the website and provide an opt in or sign up form at the end of every article.

The lead magnet should also be of good quality with affiliate links leading to relevant questions in them. You have the advantage of linking certain keywords and headings in the articles to your affiliate products, which can make you money if they buy. You can also decide to treat the website purely as a brand or company without connecting it to yourself at all.

However, this method requires more work as you are not allowed to copy content from other websites, the affects your reputation and search engine ranking, you write the articles yourself or outsource it to someone else.

Remember, your main aim is to get them to your list so always keeping remind them in the article to subscribe and promise to send more quality content through email. Then use the tips and strategies taught in copy and paste method to make sure that you can get the best from your list.

  This strategy is easy to set up, however, it is more of an art than a science. For it to work perfectly, your sign up page must be compelling and not necessary in the design but in words. You must not use to many words because with sign up page, unlike sale page, less is more.

Nevertheless, it is still essential that your  words reaches out to the needs and pains of your site visitors and convinces them that your offer (video, e-report, lists, service, e-book, etc) has in it the solution that they desire. Remember, offering more than one lead magenet get better result, but one can still get the jobe done

So make sure you provide quality and useful information in your lead magnet. Then use you affiliate links to direct them to quality products that will solve their needs. If they buy, you earn a commission and have made money online. If they share you lead magnet and more people buy, it means more money for them.

The next step, which is actually where the most money is to use the strategies taught in the copy and paste method to to treat them in such a way that they will love to keep receiving email from you and buy using the affiliate links in you emails.

nd promise to send more quality content through email. Then use the tips and strategies taught in the copy and paste method to make sure that you can get the best from your list.

  The challengeFactor strategy is very similar to the ExperienceFactor strategy in many way, you will also need about 3 - 5 pages to start. Nevertheless, it still very different because while the ExperiecneFactor strategies focuses on the events and challenges of the past, this one focus on the present and the possible challenge of the future.

The ChallengeFactor has a feel of does well can of adventure to it and if utilized correct can generate you a strong, loyal and dedicated followers, fans and member basis. It is process in which you present yourself as starting something new or for the first and you really have to be truthful here.

You can present appear courageous, or fearful, or uncertain of how the whole journey will turn out. This strategy is perfect for almost any niche so of which are weight loss, muscle building, survival in unfavourable environment,  make money online, employment and career - ex. your attempt to get a better job, or a promotion or impress your boss.

Actually anything can work in this niche you just have to be creative. People like to gossip and meddle in other people's life, that why celebrity tabloid are making profit, so as real as can be. It is more of an art than a science just like those tv reality shows, also having pictures of the scenario and sometimes videos is a big plus. But remember that you still need to have a lead magnet so that you can building your mailing list. 

You will need to use the copy and paste method to know how to make the most from your list. In your lead magnet, in your emails and on the website, you can make money by recommending products and services that you use as the journey and challenge proceed through your affiliate links.

In Conclusion - A MUST READ

Tumblr-pictures-tumblr-photography-29061257-500-375Truly, I have given you everything you need to start a real online business to to start making real money online. I have not seen anywhere else online where these secrets and formulas for making money on the internet are given in it's complete form for free.

Some other internet entrepreneurs may consider me a fool for giving at so much value and information completely for free. But I have a different perspective, of course I always have a different perspective, I am Frank Chisom.

I believe that the quality and magnitude of a man's success is not in the amount of money was able to make but is measured by the impact he had in the lives and success of the life of his follow men. My goal as an online entrepreneur is to seen and help everyone who truly want to become financially independent and financial free achieve that status through online entrepreneurship.

Like Jesus Christ said in John 15, verse 8 and 16; "This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples. ... You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you."

I want to bear more fruit and to teach others how to bear fruit too. So that together we can bring glory to God and make the world that we live in a better place.

Key Points to Remember and Apply to Make Money Online.

To succeed in making money online you have to:

  1. Acquire knowledge about it (that's what I just gave you above) and also apply the knowledge that you have obtained (that is what YOU should do next, I have given you the guidelines, but I can not do apply them for you)
  2. If you can not do something that you have not done before, you should either do it and you will get better at it or outsources it (pay someone else to do it for you).
  3. Have a business mind set and treat it like a business. So be ready to invest some of your time, money, skills and energy. If you think you do not have four components, cut down how much of the your spend in other things and focus then to your online success. If you refuse to do this you will not make any reasonable amount of money online.
  4. Find the place you fit best online. That is your niche or topic of your website. Join the affiliate network to see where. (Action step 2 will show you how)
  5. Create your online presence, your domain and presence where you are in complete control. You need to be in control. (Actions step 3 will show you how)
  6. Connect with your visitors by offering value and collecting leads. (Actions step 4 will show you how).
  7. Knowledge Step 4 says without traffic you make no money ((Actions step 5 will show you how to get targeted traffic)
  8. You will need to pay for Domain and web-hosting, email manager auto-responder, copy and paste method, Traffic sharing. These are all necessary and cost like than $100. I spend over $1000 when I was starting, remember, I was just a university first student. If I did it, you can do better.
  9. Read the BONUS - my 4 strategy and choose one not two, just one. I can mix them now but at the beginning you will just confuse yourself and your visitors.


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  • Also, if you have any questions, ask them clearly and in as much detail as possible and I will attempt to answer as much as I can.
  • If you noticed are error that I might have made, please kindly let me know in the comments

It has been fun writing this guideline and I hope that you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it.

So Until next time

Frank Chisom -- signing out.

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