6 Factors I Learnt That Greatly Influenced My Make Money Online Business Success

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Jessica heard that it is possible to make money on the internet. She also heard that it was easy, so she got a PC,  and an internet connection; and whala, she is online - now where is the money?

"where am I supposed to start?" she asked herself ...

businessmen in suit 6 FACTORS I LEARNT THAT GREATLY INFLUENCED MY MAKE MONEY ONLINE BUSINESS SUCCESSThen, out of the blues, she had a brilliant idea! There is something called Google, " I will just search on Google", she thought.

.... Searching.....

How to make money online?.....

Ways to make money on the internet? ....

Best ways to make money online fast? ....

And so on.......

Yeah she found her answers... Probably more than she bargained for. Initially, she had no clue as to what to do to earn income online. Now, she has so many options to choose from; she is confused.

She is now in a worst situation than when she started; Where do I start? she is wondering. What is the best means or should I rather consider the easiest means to make money on the internet?

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You may be in the same spot as Jessica right; I was sometime ago.
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Then I was in my first year in college - Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus and I needed a means of income that will not interfere with my electrical and electronic engineering studies.

I had just I discovered that I could make a reasonable amount of money on the very web that I used every day.

Initially, I didn't know where to start, and so I tried about 10 - 20 different means in my first month, just like Jessica was about to do, but sadly, I got nothing.

The story would have been different If I knew then what I know now. To cut the long story short, by the end of the first year of my novice attempt to make money on the internet, I had built over eight websites and 5 of them had become established online businesses.

If you are in jessica's shoes, the same one I was in; believe me when I say "I know what it feel like".

copy-madeitonline-logo-1.pngMy story changed, just as yours is about to. By the end year of my first year, I realised that I could start any online business from scratch and in 2 - 3 months it would already be earning income for me and all it would have costed would be about $100 - $300, and some focused and dedicated hard work.

Hence as a tribute to my online success, I decided to document and teach the strategies I had learnt over my months of try and error on this website - MadeItOnline.com. The strategies I teach on this website were what I learnt the hard way; if only I knew them when I was starting, the story would have been different.

Through this website, I am giving back to the online community and thanking all those I learnt from along the way to my success on the internet.

Your Make Money Online Journey: 6 Ways to Jump-Start your Online Business

copy-madeitonline-logo-1.pngI created MadeItOnline.com out of a true desire to assist other new, beginning online entrepreneurs. I can confidently say that my heart is in this website.

This is not just an attempt to make money; like I said, at the time of creating of this website, I already have 5 successful online businesses to my name.

I will like to save you from making the same mistake Jessica was about to make. So that you don't waste your time, attempting every make money online ideas and option you find on the internet. Let me offer you some of the lessons I learnt on my journey to online business success.

1. You need a Knowledgeable Mentor

As simple as that sounds, I believe I was able to succeed online so quickly because I discovered this vital lesson on time. This quote says it all -

"It is so essential to surround yourself with individuals who are ALREADY where you want to be"; and as the holy bible also says... "Iron sharpens iron".

It is so essential to surround yourself with individuals who are ALREADY where you want to be; and as the holy bible also says... Iron sharpens iron. Click To Tweet

Imagine you personally knew an online entrepreneur who has done so well in making a living on the internet. What will you do?

Would you start searching on Google as we did at the beginning of this post for ways to make an income from the web or would you not walk up to your successful online entrepreneur friend and ask him or her what you must do to have you own successful online business.

copy-madeitonline-logo-1.pngIf I were you, I would ask my successful friend...

Listen, the good-news is even if you don't personally know a successful entrepreneur, most online entrepreneurs have blogs and websites where they share and even teach in detail their experience and knowledge.

Just like I have done on this site: MadeItOnline.com.

Listen, the average number of time it takes for most people to succeed in making money on the internet is 3 - 5 years, in fact when I started, I heard some marketers saying it took them 8 years and others 12 years.

When I heard that instead of letting it discourage me, I used it as a motivation. I said to myself, "I will beat that record"; also as a freshman in college who needed money fast, I did not have the luxury of waiting for 8 years to succeed online.

So I stop wasting time reading every blogs I find, rather I focused on those who had made it, I bought their resources and took their courses. In short, I allowed the best to mentor me and I broke the 8- 12 years records by succeeding in not just one but five online business of my own in my first year.

2. Focus on what works

With internet marketing: selling on the internet; it is very easy to get distracted. It doesn't matter what you are selling or what niches you are operating in.

There is always something new, and there is always something to learn. And if you are not careful, you will find yourself stuck in the learning cycle where you keep learning and never having the time to apply those numerous things that you  have learnt.

That's another advantage of having a mentor or following a guideline course. With these, you are kept focused on those things that do work and are taught EXACTLY what you need to succeed now, while everything else is kept for later.

True, there are many means that are effective but not every one of those means are effective for you, your business, your niche and even the level at which you are.

So you tend to find most newbie trying every strategy and tactic, like I did in the beginning, without allowing time for any one of them to mature and produce results.

However, with a mentor or a guideline course, your excitement is kept in check and your eagerness is channelled into productive task that will bring you conclusive results in the areas you most desire.

3. Focus on one major goal at a time

At the beginning, you might not have any idea but trust me; after one month of focusing and reading on online marketing you will be drowning in ideas.

Then you will find yourself wishing for more time and more energy because you will then realise that you do not have enough time and strength to carry out all your brilliant ideas.

As you advance, you will have to start outsourcing most of your task more often; that's if you want to successfully explore most of your profitable ideas. However, for now at the beginning stage, your best bet is to focus on one major profitable idea or goal at a time.

How do I know wish goal or idea to focus on? How do I know which idea or goal is the most profitable?I have cover that in get details in the The 4Factor Online Business Model and in some depth in the Free Online Business Set-up Guide.

Once you finally decide on the idea and goal to focus on, set a reasonable time frame for it and work at it till you make it successful.

Remember I said I tried over 10 ideas in my first month of attempting to make money online. How many of those succeeded? Zero.... Why? Because I did not work on one long enough. Most of them were brilliant and profitable ideas but I was not patient to develop them deep enough to the point where people would pay for them.

4. Have a strategy from the beginning

copy-madeitonline-logo-1.pngOh yeah, you may have the best money making idea in the world but without a comprehensive strategy of how you will convert that idea to cash, it remains just a profitable idea.

I bet that is not what you want.

As Jeremiah Owyang of Silicon Valley puts it in his post about strategy and tactic - Strategy is to identify clear broader goals that advance the overall organization and organize resources.

So as an internet marketer, online marketer, online entrepreneur and whatever else you may be called, you need a follow through strategy or your titles will remain just an empty title.

So start defining your strategies:

What is your profitable idea? ...  What are your products or affiliate products?

What problem do your product or service/affiliate products or services solve?

Who are your potential customers? ...   Where do they live? .... How old are they?

How desperate are they for you solutions(products)?

... and so on.

These and many other questions are what you need to answer in order develop a clear and effective strategy that works well.

5. Follow through and apply what you learnt

copy-madeitonline-logo-1.pngIn online business, application is key. Another advantage of having a mentor or following a practical or guideline course is that they encourages you, motivates you and even nudge you to apply what you have learnt.

Apart from having a mentor, that is, successful entrepreneurs, books and courses that offered me a clear guideline of what to do, this factor had the most positive effect on my online business success.

Everything I learnt, I applied. And I also didn't just apply them, I applied them on time and as soon as possible. That was how I created my 5 successful online business in just my first year of making money on the internet.

6. Be willing to adjust your Tactics and Plan

The internet is changing very rapidly and quite drastically. So to succeed and to remain on top of your online business game, you have to be as adaptive as the web.

Adapt your tactics and plan to new rules and trends as soon as possible. You should never find yourself standing still. You have got to keep moving forward. In fact, be the pace setter as you keep your audience and customers in full focus.

Jeremiah Owyang in the same post mentioned in #4 describes tactics - is to utilize specific resources to achieve sub-goals that support the defined mission.

You overall strategy might still remain the same but the tactics and plans with which you carry out those strategies in your attempt to make money online should keep changing in relation to the change in the web environment.


In Conclusion,

Internet marketing is beautiful and making money online on any level is one of the easiest way to earn an income if you know what you are doing and if you do exactly what you need to do.

I created MadeItOnline.com to mentor and assist anyone serious about making money on the internet to successfully establish their online business in the shortest time possible.

The 6 factors I explained in this post greatly influenced my huge and rapid successes in my online businesses. If you apply them and every other principles and strategies that I revealed on this site, I am confident that you will have success stories as good as mine or even better.

I will love to hear your stories or questions about internet marketing and succeeding in your own online business in the comments below. Let's interact in the comment section, let me hear what you have to say. Also remember to share this post to help others too.

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