3 Most Lucrative Passive Income Sources to Making Money in Online Business

3 Most Lucrative Passive Income Sources to Making Money in Online Business

Let’s face it, you and I know that 98% of make money online ideas and online business strategies being peddled on the internet are impractical if not impossible. Although these advices given by so called guru and newbies looks as if they could pay the bills, it is quite clear that won’t be happening any time soon.

In this short but life changing post, I will be sharing with you my 3 most lucrative passive income sources to making money in online business. These would take 3 weeks – 3 months and some little investment  to set up depending on your determination. However, it is a done deal and a money machine once it sets off. Anyone making serious money on the internet is using a form of these money making strategies.

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3 Online Business Idea to Make Real Money Online on a Regular Basis

I prefer these business ideas because they are realistic, scalable and will constantly pay the bills with lots more to spare. These are not silly idea like making money through survey (which just wastes your time, unless you have a coach who has succeed already). This is not almost about creating thousand of tiny websites which you have no time manage, hoping to cash in one day. No, none of these; with these online business ideas, you will be making hundreds of dollars every month and thousands as it grows.

3 Most Lucrative Passive Income Sources to Making Money in Online Business

Profitable Online Business idea #1: Make and Sell Online Video Courses.

Do you know that you can start making $47 – $599 on sales of your video course as soon as it is available for sell. 

That is, the top ticket idea most likely to explode your bank account in just a matter of months or weeks with the right marketing strategy. Why do you think online course sites have been on the increase in recent times? My friend, that’s because the demand is increasing and the market is willing to pay for what they want.

Online courses are easy to create and sell. As long as you know your stuff, that is, solutions you are teaching your students about, you will boom even if you do not have the best video. You don’t even have to appear on camera if you don’t want too. Powerpoint tutorials and screencast video are available options.

For the same knowledge, it is so much fast and easier to produce a 3 hours video course than to write a 250 page ebook on the subject. It also take the same effort and time to promote a video course, that will could pay you as high as $79 – $197 compared to a $7 – $27 ebook.

You can even spend $50 on google adsense and a fake sales page to test the demand for the online course before you even shoot your first video. Making money online have never been easier and faster with all the tools we now have. Best of all, online courses have a 92% – 97% profit margin since it requires very low startup cost and investment.

You have no excuse to not take up this lucrative online business passive income source and start making loads of money on the internet in little or no time.

Profitable Online Business idea #2: Affiliate Commissions for Digital Products

Profitable Online Business idea #2: Affiliate Commissions for Digital Products

Some may not been up to the task of creating online courses, no problem. Who said you must create them to earn from them? Here comes the world of affiliate marketing. You can earn an average of 50% and up to 80% of the sale prices of online courses, ebooks and other digital products that you did not produce.

You may not have the idea, time, or even confidences to create your own digital products; no worries. You should still earn your online passive income by promoting the work of other marketer and getting a cut of the profit. In some cases, you get a recurring commission, that is, you keep earning monthly income as long as the person you refer remains a paying customer.

The secret to making money through affiliate marketing is focus and dedication. Your blog or website becomes your marketing tool as you commit to creating quality content on topics and problems related to what your affiliated products solve. Your quality content will pull paying customers searching on google to your website where they will read your post, click on your affiliate links, buy the products and you make some easy online commissions.

So you see, this online business idea is about have a smart strategy and creating quality content on your website that gets you organic google traffic and social media shares.

This is the path to earn big in affiliate marketing products….

Choose quality of over quantity: As many old time affiliates where doing when google hadn’t wised up,  don’t waste your precious time creating tens of microsites hoping to get one of them to rank. No, choose a niche you are knowledgeable in and focus all your energy on creating content. Then promote them one one or two website at a time with multiply affiliate products. Remember, make more money on a regular basis, you will have to promote only quality products and nothing else.

For most people, making money through passive affiliate commission is better that creating their own product. Whatever you choose, stick to it and make it work. These are not get rich schemes and scams; these are lucrative online business path to make recurring income on the internet.


Profitable Online Business idea #3: Buy Successful Online Business


Profitable Online Business idea #3: Buy Successful Online Business

Why wait to build and test it yourself? Why not just buy online businesses that have proven to been successful or that are at least promising.

Like every entrepreneur will tell you, starting a new business from scratch is no joke. Especially if it is you first time. Nevertheless, it is doable and hundreds of businesses are started every day offline and online. However, 90% of these new online business fail within their first 3 months.

This should not be so, that’t was why I started MadeItOnline.com. So that new online businesses wouldn’t come to a drastic, embarrassing end. The principles I teach on the site is to helping other promising entrepreneurs have an assurance of success from the word, GO.

So seek out lucrative online businesses that are succeeding already. Do they have profitable money making ideas into which you can invest in or buy altogether? Unlike most new websites waiting 3-6 months to start getting constant google traffic, these successful online businesses that you plan to buy are already churning out passive money into the pockets of their owners on a regular basis.

It is just like real estate in the physical world, websites are the internet real estate but they are cheaper with an average range of $1000 – $20,000 and they give you your returns on investment faster.

Just be careful when going shopping because majority of online businesses for are no good (check out this good website/app marketplace). Stick to the niches that you know, have researched extensively on, or have experience in; and lookout for idea and opportunity to make money money out of it.

This can be by implementing better and cheaper traffic strategies, including more relevant affiliate offers, info products and ecommerce stores. You did be surprised how adding a few squeeze pages to collect emails and build your subscriber list, and setting a 10 -15 autoresponder series could 10x your website traffic and passive income – almost instantly.

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In Conclusion,

Do you now see why these 3 profitable online business ideas could easily be the most lucrative passive income sources to making money online? Implementing anyone of them will transform your make money online endeavours and multiply your online business efforts overnight, thereby becoming the money machine that keeps your bank accounts full and your cherished customers happy.

Do you have any others account-filling online business ideas for passive income or do you have any questions about the three we have discussed above, let me hear about it in the comments below, okay.


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