How to Make Money Online From Facebook Viral Posts in 2016 and Beyond

It’s Still Possible to Make Money Online from Facebook Viral Posts – This Is How

Yes, absolutely YES…..

It is still possible to make money from viral posts on Facebook.

The key to making money this way is this: What plans do you have to take advantage of your 9 minutes of fame.

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This post is in response to a question on quora…

Is it still possible to make money from viral posts on Facebook?

I heard that Facebook now ranks viral posts lower than other posts and a lot of viral sites are struggling to have their content seen even though it is liked or shared. Is that true? Is it still possible to make money from viral posts through Facebook?

Before we continue, let’s first address the details in your question.

First what is a Viral Post….

A post is not viral until it becomes Viral. It is the likes and the shares that make a post viral. Of course there content principles that all viral post has but not all post with this becomes viral.

What post ranks high on facebook…

Post that become “viral”, that is post with lots of shares, comments and like are raise to higher ranks and are shown to more people.

What posts do facebook penalise…

In their bid to encourage more content publishers to pay for ads, facebook updated their newsfeed and ranking algorithms to penalise posts including links out of facebook.

Why do some viral post suffer…

Considering my 3 statements above, you should be able to see the correlation between low ranking and virality. “Viral sites” facebook posts do suffer more today than they did years ago.

  • If a post becomes viral (likes, shares, comments) it will recieve more exposure from facebook.
  • If the viral post do not have external link in it, it will rank very high.
  • If the viral post has external link in it, it will not rank as much.

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So How Do You Make Money Online From Facebook Viral Post Today?

You have to remember that you make money money on the internet when you get more people to perform the action you want. Hence, getting view by more of the right people means that you will make more money.

But with the facebook new regulations that we discussed above, the rules have changed and hence you have to be money innovative.

  1. If you want just brand exposure and awareness, do not include external links to your facebook posts than you suspect will go viral. This will give you more exposure. You could link to your facebook page/group/profile/note.
  2. If you want to make sales on your website, then you need to include a link that have a subscriber form or a social locker. This will compensate for the lower views because now those that do see the post will be on your email list. Also the social locker means that they will have to share the page to view it, hence your little traffic is working for you to get more.
  3. If you want sales, you could also link to a facebook page or group so that you do not affect the ranking of your viral content but the offer you want to promote should be pinned to the top of the page or group. Alternatively, you could link to a facebook note or doc which you can you as a mini-sale page.

Modern Strategy to Make Money Online Through Facebook Viral Posts

After reading the section above, you will realise that it all depends on your final goal and the nature of your niche and brand. This is the what I meant when I spoke above about having a strategic plan.

With the new facebook rule and algorithm, it’s no longer about how much money you can make immediately from the “viral post” but more about how you can siphon the targeted traffic to your email list for later use to your website/sales pages and affilaite pages.

I believe this answer have thrown some light on the subject for you.

Success to you.

Frank Chisom

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20+ Types of Freelance Writing Jobs to Regularly Get Paid in Over 150 Countries to Earn Income Online

10+ Types of Freelance Writing Jobs to Regularly Get Paid in Over 150 Countries to Earn Income Online

Writing for most seems to be the new trend in part-time jobs and making money online. The question is: Is it a sustainable trend?

If I was a gambling person, I will be more willing to bet on yes than no. This is because of the nature and importance of writing in our society. It is the very essence of internal personal, durable means of communication between any two parties.

In fact, written content can easily be describe as human’s most advanced communication medium. Unless we can up with something else more durable and as easily understandable, written content is going no where. Not even the digitalization of our society can topple writing from it place of honor. Even as we leave paper behind, we have chosen to carry written content along on our computer screens.

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Now, the issue is that most people do not know how to turn writing into real money income through part-time or full-time works. Apart from writing a book, blog post or an article, they are lost as to how to apply their writing skills.

Before showing you the different kinds of writings you can do to make money on the internet, let me list place where you can write for money or from where you can employ other writers to write for you.

Understanding The Various Types of Writing That Can Make You Money Online

Ardent of social media and blog has practically made everyone a writer. Former clear borderline between written content types have become blurry but don’t be deceive, these demarcations still matters and it is is vital you understand the different kinds of written if you want to earn recurring reasonable income online through part-time or full time writing.

A simple research in the different kinds of written content and choosing to focus on the ones that you prefer, find easy or pays more can make the difference between making $200 a month and $2000 per monthly.

Article Writing

Although blog posts have seem to cause much confusion for articles, they have continued to maintain their unique identity. In article, your content is based on interview and researches done personally or from credible  expert and research firms. They are definitely longer than 300 words, do not pay much attention to keyword and SEO like blog posts, and are written in a more sophisticated but not too formal writing style to educate and engage the readers.

Blog Post Writing

This have supposedly become more popular than article because of the innumerable person blog littering the web these days. Unlike articles, they usually express only the writer’s opinion, written in a very casual style and unlike most article involves not editor, hence are self-published. Even though, SEO and online content competition are causing most blog post to be written as full blown article of 800 – 2000 words, blog posts still pays less in the freelancing world than articles.

Book Reports and Reviews

Many newbies trying to earn a living online have inadvertently written a book report instead of a book review and have lost the $500 – $1000 gig they were promised. This can all be avoided by doing some basic research on the type of writing you have be ask to do.

Book Reports are simpler to writing but it means they all pay less as a part-time job. They basically summarize the book,  while place more emphasis on the author history and background to help the reader understand where the author’s thoughts and views are coming from.

On the other word, Book Reviews are more analytical of the story itself, pay ardent attention to elements of the book not just summarising it. It may cover the author’s background but as a bypass. It is main focus on providing insight in the text relevance in the time and place it took place. When writing a book report, you may have to go into surgical detail of the climax, character, plot and so on.

Book Writing and Ghostwriting

You can decide to take your part-time writing gig a step further to book writing itself; either as writing your own book, co-authoring a book or ghostwriting for someone else. Any of these three will earn you income online but their approaches are different.

Since writing is also a craft, you can hire out your writing skill to help an author of a book write part or the whole book. As a ghostwriter, you are paid a pre-agreed fees and you in the best way to fit the author’s vision for the book. However, as a co-author, the book is partly your and also represents your vision. All authors involved agree on the work load and profit sharing percentages.

If you decide to write the complete book yourself, all the profit belongs to you and you could hire a ghostwriter to help you write part or all of it. It is your idea, your vision but the ghostwriter writes it for your for a price.

Business Plans and Business Proposals

The extent of what you can be hired to write are almost endless. And this vast territory include writing a business plan or proposal especially if you have a background in business and economics. A basic in depth research in this field can equip you to write as a part-time worker to make money online.

While a business plan is a presentation of factual details on how the business will be run, a business proposal is an alluring call to action to potential clients and investor showing them how the business idea is your to be marketing to make them money – a high return on investment.

From the above description, you can tell that landing a business plan or proposal writing gig with definitely have a huge payout to worth your efforts.

Copy Editing and Copywriting

The term “copy” has evolved over time. In the past it was used to refer to almost any kind of written content but that is not really the case any more. Hence, as an aspiring freelance writing part-time worker aiming to make money online, it is essential that you understand what “copy” stands for in today’s world.

Copywriting is use to create content or sales copy. It is the writing of persuasive and informative piece to convince buyer to take an action, usually a purchase. It could also be employed to change the mindset or viewpoint of customers of a particular product or service. Copywriting is used to connect people with a specific problem with the specific solution that need; even if they don’t think or know so.

With that in mind, you can understand copying editing. These people review the work of copywriters to ensure that it means the view and standard of the paying client. The look out for clarity, cohesion, conciseness and many other factor. Copy editors can also work it contents that are not necessary sales copies.

Content Editing, Proof Reading and Content Writing

These three may seem the same but they are significantly different. And as someone who wants to make money online through full or part-time writing jobs, you should be able to tell them apart.

As a content editor, your job is to help the content writers convey their thoughts and ideas to the best effect. You are usually called in after the main draft have been written by the content writers. You note down structural and readability errors. Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. You also ensure the content is focused, clear and concise.

So in a content writing job, you make money online by putting in writing the message a brand, business or individual want to put across to their customer and followers. It is your job responsibility to write, and it’s the content editors’ job to makes sure that what you have written will portray the brand’s message when their audience read it.

Finally, the proofreader’s job is to be the last eye that verify the finished content. As a proofreader, you usually stands in the customer’s shoes as you read; picking out grammatical error and unclear parts of the content. In constrained economies most business hire just one person to play all the three roles, or one for content writing and editing and one for proofreading.

Full or Part-Time Corporate Writing

Don’t be scared by the term “corporate”. A writing job is a writing job. It is simple putting words together in a compelling way to tell a story from a uniques specific perspective. So whether it is from an individual or a corporate business, it is simple what you have been doing as a writer all these while. The only major difference is that the corporate business is most likely to pay you more money for the job.

These corporate business also have stories to tell but they believes that you, the writer, can tell them better. So they are willing to pay you to do it for them. It’s that simple. So don’t like your little days, months or years of detter you. Cease the opportunity because writing, corporate or not, is simply storytelling.

Kristin Espeland, former director of corporate communications for The MONY Group put it this way; “You are writing to convey the values and goals of a company…”. It is not journalism, you are writing for business purposes. These are some trait you need and below are full or part-time writing work to make money online that falls under corporate writing.

Public relations or media relations:

Business communications:

Marketing communications:

5 Well-Paying Corporate Writing Gigs for Freelancers



What Is Corporate Writing and Why Is It Such a Great Gig?




  • Creative Writing
  • Documentation Writing
  • Entertainment Writing
  • Essay Writing
  • Financial Writing
  • FAQ’s Writing
  • Games and Gadgets
  • Ghost Writing
  • Grant Writing
  • Journalism
  • Legal Writing
  • Magazine Writing
  • Medical Writing
  • News & Journalism
  • Press Release
  • Research
  • Resume Writing
  • Research Writing
  • Reviews Writing
  • Screenwriting
  • SEO Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Transcription
  • Translation
  • Travel Writing
  • Website Writing
  • And Many More!
Blogging and affiliate marketing in online business to make money online

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Here is what he had to say to our 22 year old desperate girl with no money, joy or college degree.

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