No Money, Job, or College Degree. How do I Progress Financially

I’m a 22 Year Old Desperate Girl. I Have No Money, Job, or College Degree. How do I Progress Financially?

Hi Friends,

Today, we have a very interest question to discuss. I want browsing through my Quora feed seeking for questions that seem genuine and interesting enough to answer when this lucky winner popped up.

The highlight part got my attention but it was the the number of answers in just 30 minutes that drove me to click on it.

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Can you guess it?

I don’t think you can. There were over 200 Answers, 546,674 Views and 1,348 Followers in just 30 minutes of the question being asked. So I thought it was worth a series in our Q&A section, I wasn’t going to miss out of all the fun. Reading through the answers convince me that it was definitely worth it.

This is the question below as it was asked.

I’m a 22 year old desperate girl. I have no money, no job, no college degree. Do you have any advice, or book recommendation about how to start a business, or anything that will make me progress, especially financially?

(I hate college and I think that I never really learned something while i was studying.
I’m interested in fashion, music, art, travel.
I’m from Europe, if that helps.

This is how we are going to deal with this series.

I going to post at least 12 out of over 200 of the enlightening answers with attributes to their writers. Majority of the answer were good, but as you already know, it will be insane to post all over 200 of them here.

Before we dive into the answers, let’s explore some of the direct comments to the question.

  • Martin Dominikus: I see many sentiments in your sentences, like “desperate”, “hate”, “interested”, etc. All of the answers from people you have red are true but they can’t help you if you don’t help yourself. First of all, it is your mind that stop you for being great. It is your “mental block”, “desire to not to…”, or “thinking about hating, desperate, difficulties, etc”, they all stop you, even you are stopped before you step for the first time. You lost before the war. This is pathetic. So my only advices are: fix your mind and really really really connect to living people, especially those whom you interested like fashion designer, musician, blogger (perhaps?), etc.
  • Mike Farkas: If you are living in the US I would consider the military as a possible option. but joining the military is very serious commitment so just keep that at the back of your mind as you do your research.
  • Jason McFarlane: Do you have a mentor? If not, get one! Should be a woman, I think, and someone who’s accomplished many of the important things you would like to see happen in your life.
  • Einer Durango: Hi, my advice, start learning how to sell things, fashion could be a nice opportunity and looks like you feel passionate about… while you are learning… study a book like this> The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business, Josh Kaufman… 🙂
  • George Emanuel: It will be my pleasure to share with you from my experience what it is all about and how to start a business from ground in your society, with the resources I am already sure you have. At least I will do my best
  • Tristan Felder: I honestly would recommend getting married.
    Frank Chisom: lolz… even in marriage these days, you have got to come in with something. She says she has NOTHING. Just hope she considers herself beautiful at least.

Okay, enough of some of this comments. Now lets get to the actual answers that the kind community of quora gave her.

I will post each selected answer as a part of the series.

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