How to Earn More Money Online than Teaching with a PHD in Political Science

PHD in Political Science? How to Earn More Money Online than Teaching in University

The key to earning more money is to implement principles the free you from the “dollars for hour” sydrome. This is where you have to work the exact hours for every dollar you make.

That’s the beauty of online business. It frees you from such “curse” and allows you to start earning recurring income from past work you have done. Get your free cheat sheet guide on how to break the “dollars for hour” sydrome and make more money online.

I am assuming that a PhD in political science means that you have done a lot of reading and have researched some real life case studies involving issues in your field. Now it is time to leverage your knowledge.

This step to making your past work pay you is by packaging your knowledge and solutions to problems in your niche (industry) into bit size/dish-able products and services such as books, courses, training/coaching services and consulting. It might sound complicated but in fact, it is very simple.

I have explain in exact steps how to systematically do this to setup a cash flow and automated business that will free you from all your money worries.

It is very similar to your teaching job so you won’t be in unexplored waters. The difference is, now you can sell and teach this same know to hundreds and thousand of people automatically online without doing any extra work.

This is a brief break down…

  • Look through the major issues in your political science field. What are people (employee, employers/professionals) are seeking answers and solutions to. Which is of these problematic areas are you knowledgeable in. Do you have or know the solutions they want.
  • Next step is to decide how you plan to package and present this solutions to them. In school, you do that by lecturing in class but the limitation to that method, is that you can only teach a specific number of students and you are paying according to your hours of lecture.

The internet is a different ball game. Online, you can teach more practical and specific topics to absolutely anyone (professionals, CEO, top and bottom level employee). You can teach thousands of people at the same time. You can choose your own price and all of the will pay you for the same hours of work. You work once, and they keep paying.

So choose – do you plan to put the knowledge and solutions in a book/ebook, teach it as an online course, hold webinars, do online group consulting, or any other method. You decide the one that works best for you.

  • Now create the product or service that provides the knowledge or solution to the problem with high demand that you chose above. The good thing is that if you want, you could use these affiliate networks to find already existing products and services that does this and just promote them to your audience online.
  • Finally, market the product or service that your created or found above to your already existing and past student, clients and contacts. Then, you create your simple wordpress site to sell the product on or you sell you on a site like amazon is it is a book or Udemy if it is a course.

That’s all…

From here on, all you do is send traffic to your product or service sales page. You work once, but can keep making money from it as more and more people buy it. If you are unsure as it how to set up your lucrative online business, don’t worry, I have show you how to do so here from start to finish.

I believe this answer have helped you.

Success to you.


20+ Types of Freelance Writing Jobs to Regularly Get Paid in Over 150 Countries to Earn Income Online

10+ Types of Freelance Writing Jobs to Regularly Get Paid in Over 150 Countries to Earn Income Online

Writing for most seems to be the new trend in part-time jobs and making money online. The question is: Is it a sustainable trend?

If I was a gambling person, I will be more willing to bet on yes than no. This is because of the nature and importance of writing in our society. It is the very essence of internal personal, durable means of communication between any two parties.

In fact, written content can easily be describe as human’s most advanced communication medium. Unless we can up with something else more durable and as easily understandable, written content is going no where. Not even the digitalization of our society can topple writing from it place of honor. Even as we leave paper behind, we have chosen to carry written content along on our computer screens.

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Now, the issue is that most people do not know how to turn writing into real money income through part-time or full-time works. Apart from writing a book, blog post or an article, they are lost as to how to apply their writing skills.

Before showing you the different kinds of writings you can do to make money on the internet, let me list place where you can write for money or from where you can employ other writers to write for you.

Understanding The Various Types of Writing That Can Make You Money Online

Ardent of social media and blog has practically made everyone a writer. Former clear borderline between written content types have become blurry but don’t be deceive, these demarcations still matters and it is is vital you understand the different kinds of written if you want to earn recurring reasonable income online through part-time or full time writing.

A simple research in the different kinds of written content and choosing to focus on the ones that you prefer, find easy or pays more can make the difference between making $200 a month and $2000 per monthly.

Article Writing

Although blog posts have seem to cause much confusion for articles, they have continued to maintain their unique identity. In article, your content is based on interview and researches done personally or from credible  expert and research firms. They are definitely longer than 300 words, do not pay much attention to keyword and SEO like blog posts, and are written in a more sophisticated but not too formal writing style to educate and engage the readers.

Blog Post Writing

This have supposedly become more popular than article because of the innumerable person blog littering the web these days. Unlike articles, they usually express only the writer’s opinion, written in a very casual style and unlike most article involves not editor, hence are self-published. Even though, SEO and online content competition are causing most blog post to be written as full blown article of 800 – 2000 words, blog posts still pays less in the freelancing world than articles.

Book Reports and Reviews

Many newbies trying to earn a living online have inadvertently written a book report instead of a book review and have lost the $500 – $1000 gig they were promised. This can all be avoided by doing some basic research on the type of writing you have be ask to do.

Book Reports are simpler to writing but it means they all pay less as a part-time job. They basically summarize the book,  while place more emphasis on the author history and background to help the reader understand where the author’s thoughts and views are coming from.

On the other word, Book Reviews are more analytical of the story itself, pay ardent attention to elements of the book not just summarising it. It may cover the author’s background but as a bypass. It is main focus on providing insight in the text relevance in the time and place it took place. When writing a book report, you may have to go into surgical detail of the climax, character, plot and so on.

Book Writing and Ghostwriting

You can decide to take your part-time writing gig a step further to book writing itself; either as writing your own book, co-authoring a book or ghostwriting for someone else. Any of these three will earn you income online but their approaches are different.

Since writing is also a craft, you can hire out your writing skill to help an author of a book write part or the whole book. As a ghostwriter, you are paid a pre-agreed fees and you in the best way to fit the author’s vision for the book. However, as a co-author, the book is partly your and also represents your vision. All authors involved agree on the work load and profit sharing percentages.

If you decide to write the complete book yourself, all the profit belongs to you and you could hire a ghostwriter to help you write part or all of it. It is your idea, your vision but the ghostwriter writes it for your for a price.

Business Plans and Business Proposals

The extent of what you can be hired to write are almost endless. And this vast territory include writing a business plan or proposal especially if you have a background in business and economics. A basic in depth research in this field can equip you to write as a part-time worker to make money online.

While a business plan is a presentation of factual details on how the business will be run, a business proposal is an alluring call to action to potential clients and investor showing them how the business idea is your to be marketing to make them money – a high return on investment.

From the above description, you can tell that landing a business plan or proposal writing gig with definitely have a huge payout to worth your efforts.

Copy Editing and Copywriting

The term “copy” has evolved over time. In the past it was used to refer to almost any kind of written content but that is not really the case any more. Hence, as an aspiring freelance writing part-time worker aiming to make money online, it is essential that you understand what “copy” stands for in today’s world.

Copywriting is use to create content or sales copy. It is the writing of persuasive and informative piece to convince buyer to take an action, usually a purchase. It could also be employed to change the mindset or viewpoint of customers of a particular product or service. Copywriting is used to connect people with a specific problem with the specific solution that need; even if they don’t think or know so.

With that in mind, you can understand copying editing. These people review the work of copywriters to ensure that it means the view and standard of the paying client. The look out for clarity, cohesion, conciseness and many other factor. Copy editors can also work it contents that are not necessary sales copies.

Content Editing, Proof Reading and Content Writing

These three may seem the same but they are significantly different. And as someone who wants to make money online through full or part-time writing jobs, you should be able to tell them apart.

As a content editor, your job is to help the content writers convey their thoughts and ideas to the best effect. You are usually called in after the main draft have been written by the content writers. You note down structural and readability errors. Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. You also ensure the content is focused, clear and concise.

So in a content writing job, you make money online by putting in writing the message a brand, business or individual want to put across to their customer and followers. It is your job responsibility to write, and it’s the content editors’ job to makes sure that what you have written will portray the brand’s message when their audience read it.

Finally, the proofreader’s job is to be the last eye that verify the finished content. As a proofreader, you usually stands in the customer’s shoes as you read; picking out grammatical error and unclear parts of the content. In constrained economies most business hire just one person to play all the three roles, or one for content writing and editing and one for proofreading.

Full or Part-Time Corporate Writing

Don’t be scared by the term “corporate”. A writing job is a writing job. It is simple putting words together in a compelling way to tell a story from a uniques specific perspective. So whether it is from an individual or a corporate business, it is simple what you have been doing as a writer all these while. The only major difference is that the corporate business is most likely to pay you more money for the job.

These corporate business also have stories to tell but they believes that you, the writer, can tell them better. So they are willing to pay you to do it for them. It’s that simple. So don’t like your little days, months or years of detter you. Cease the opportunity because writing, corporate or not, is simply storytelling.

Kristin Espeland, former director of corporate communications for The MONY Group put it this way; “You are writing to convey the values and goals of a company…”. It is not journalism, you are writing for business purposes. These are some trait you need and below are full or part-time writing work to make money online that falls under corporate writing.

Public relations or media relations:

Business communications:

Marketing communications:

5 Well-Paying Corporate Writing Gigs for Freelancers



What Is Corporate Writing and Why Is It Such a Great Gig?




  • Creative Writing
  • Documentation Writing
  • Entertainment Writing
  • Essay Writing
  • Financial Writing
  • FAQ’s Writing
  • Games and Gadgets
  • Ghost Writing
  • Grant Writing
  • Journalism
  • Legal Writing
  • Magazine Writing
  • Medical Writing
  • News & Journalism
  • Press Release
  • Research
  • Resume Writing
  • Research Writing
  • Reviews Writing
  • Screenwriting
  • SEO Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Transcription
  • Translation
  • Travel Writing
  • Website Writing
  • And Many More!
make money online niche job earn income

Effective Strategy to Make $1500 Each Month With a Niche Job Board Website

While answering the question below on quora, I accidently clicked the submit button before I could finish answering the question. I try to update it several time to no avail hence I decide to complete the answer here. So read on, enjoy and implement what you learnt.

How do I make $1500 a month with my niche job board website?

I see it’s been awhile since you asked this question. Sorry I have been away, engaged in an upcoming launch. Since no one have answered, let me help you out.

At a glance, your question seems to be a difficult one but on a closer look, you will realise that it is just like any other niche website monetisation task. I will answer you in both a short term and long term basis because both answers will require varying amount of time and effort.

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You can make $1500 a month with a niche job board website the way other niche websites and authority site do it. They are ads, affiliate marketing and in-house products.

However like you may already know, no website can make you real money with significant traffic. Also you have to keep your visitor longer on your website.

Monetising websites through ads

Most are tempted to use google adsense or any of its alternatives but the issue I have with those is that it take a tremendous amount of traffic to make significant income since most clicks pay in cents. A better option will be this ads software. For even half the traffic you can make x2 what you will from google adsense.

Monetising websites through affiliate marketing

This software will help earn income from your job board site by recommending affiliate products that are related to job search, employment, make money, job interview, resumes, career building, freelancing and so on. Affilorama, Learn from Jon, Wealthy Affiliate are also possible options for your visitors to consider.

These are affiliate networks where you can find relevant product:

  2. JVZoo
  3. PayDotCom
  4. PeerFly
  5. Amazon Associates
  6. VigLink
  8. Commission Junction
  9. ClickBank

Monetising websites through your own products

You can take it a step further by creating your own products such as ebooks, videos – as tutorial or discussion panel, podcasts, job interview scripts and coaching… The options are almost endless.



All what I explained above are just quick ways to earn income from your website while you continue to work on it. The key is to develop a solid job board in the long run. To make more than $1500 from your site, you need to build your brand and reputation to such a high standard that company will be willing to come to your site to post job offers.

This is not as difficult as it sound. All you need to great site like that are:

  1. Good Branding: It should be clear what your site stands for. You achieve this by having a neat site relevant to your niche, a good logo and a clear value statement. (this are not your main focus at first)
  2. Valuable Content: You should quickly be seen as an authority a “go to site” for most thing jo related. With the money you make from short term monetisation strategy, invest in to quality content in very related and niche keywords with high traffic volume.
  3. Have a following: This is in line with the last point. Good keyworded content means more people will find you on search engines and then your audience will grow continually. It is important to get quality backlinks as well.
  4. Engage your visitors: Once you start gaining traffic, the next step is to keep them long on your site and convert them to paying customers. This software will help do that.

Monetising job board websites long term

  • All the above mentioned make money plan are still valid in the long run.
  • Since your site is now of value, you can charge companies for featured job posting and for prioritize ads on your site.
  • Job seeker can become premium members to have access to the full database or/and to be first to be notified of a new job offer.
  • Now you have more money to invest, you upgrade your courses or offer this as part of the premium membership – Video interviews and panel discussions by experts in various fields and careers offering career advice and job tips from their experience.

Well, I believe that have been helpful.

At least it, my answer had helped pop some light bulbs on in your mind. Giving you ideas on other stuffs you could do. Let’s hear in the comment below, what other ideas do you have on monetising a job board website?


3 Most Lucrative Passive Income Sources to Making Money in Online Business

3 Most Lucrative Passive Income Sources to Making Money in Online Business

Let’s face it, you and I know that 98% of make money online ideas and online business strategies being peddled on the internet are impractical if not impossible. Although these advices given by so called guru and newbies looks as if they could pay the bills, it is quite clear that won’t be happening any time soon.

In this short but life changing post, I will be sharing with you my 3 most lucrative passive income sources to making money in online business. These would take 3 weeks – 3 months and some little investment  to set up depending on your determination. However, it is a done deal and a money machine once it sets off. Anyone making serious money on the internet is using a form of these money making strategies.

Discover how to make $1000 online in 30 days as a complete newbie. See how starting your own online business can transform your financial life forever.

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3 Online Business Idea to Make Real Money Online on a Regular Basis

I prefer these business ideas because they are realistic, scalable and will constantly pay the bills with lots more to spare. These are not silly idea like making money through survey (which just wastes your time, unless you have a coach who has succeed already). This is not almost about creating thousand of tiny websites which you have no time manage, hoping to cash in one day. No, none of these; with these online business ideas, you will be making hundreds of dollars every month and thousands as it grows.

3 Most Lucrative Passive Income Sources to Making Money in Online Business

Profitable Online Business idea #1: Make and Sell Online Video Courses.

Do you know that you can start making $47 – $599 on sales of your video course as soon as it is available for sell. 

That is, the top ticket idea most likely to explode your bank account in just a matter of months or weeks with the right marketing strategy. Why do you think online course sites have been on the increase in recent times? My friend, that’s because the demand is increasing and the market is willing to pay for what they want.

Online courses are easy to create and sell. As long as you know your stuff, that is, solutions you are teaching your students about, you will boom even if you do not have the best video. You don’t even have to appear on camera if you don’t want too. Powerpoint tutorials and screencast video are available options.

For the same knowledge, it is so much fast and easier to produce a 3 hours video course than to write a 250 page ebook on the subject. It also take the same effort and time to promote a video course, that will could pay you as high as $79 – $197 compared to a $7 – $27 ebook.

You can even spend $50 on google adsense and a fake sales page to test the demand for the online course before you even shoot your first video. Making money online have never been easier and faster with all the tools we now have. Best of all, online courses have a 92% – 97% profit margin since it requires very low startup cost and investment.

You have no excuse to not take up this lucrative online business passive income source and start making loads of money on the internet in little or no time.

Profitable Online Business idea #2: Affiliate Commissions for Digital Products

Profitable Online Business idea #2: Affiliate Commissions for Digital Products

Some may not been up to the task of creating online courses, no problem. Who said you must create them to earn from them? Here comes the world of affiliate marketing. You can earn an average of 50% and up to 80% of the sale prices of online courses, ebooks and other digital products that you did not produce.

You may not have the idea, time, or even confidences to create your own digital products; no worries. You should still earn your online passive income by promoting the work of other marketer and getting a cut of the profit. In some cases, you get a recurring commission, that is, you keep earning monthly income as long as the person you refer remains a paying customer.

The secret to making money through affiliate marketing is focus and dedication. Your blog or website becomes your marketing tool as you commit to creating quality content on topics and problems related to what your affiliated products solve. Your quality content will pull paying customers searching on google to your website where they will read your post, click on your affiliate links, buy the products and you make some easy online commissions.

So you see, this online business idea is about have a smart strategy and creating quality content on your website that gets you organic google traffic and social media shares.

This is the path to earn big in affiliate marketing products….

Choose quality of over quantity: As many old time affiliates where doing when google hadn’t wised up,  don’t waste your precious time creating tens of microsites hoping to get one of them to rank. No, choose a niche you are knowledgeable in and focus all your energy on creating content. Then promote them one one or two website at a time with multiply affiliate products. Remember, make more money on a regular basis, you will have to promote only quality products and nothing else.

For most people, making money through passive affiliate commission is better that creating their own product. Whatever you choose, stick to it and make it work. These are not get rich schemes and scams; these are lucrative online business path to make recurring income on the internet.


Profitable Online Business idea #3: Buy Successful Online Business


Profitable Online Business idea #3: Buy Successful Online Business

Why wait to build and test it yourself? Why not just buy online businesses that have proven to been successful or that are at least promising.

Like every entrepreneur will tell you, starting a new business from scratch is no joke. Especially if it is you first time. Nevertheless, it is doable and hundreds of businesses are started every day offline and online. However, 90% of these new online business fail within their first 3 months.

This should not be so, that’t was why I started So that new online businesses wouldn’t come to a drastic, embarrassing end. The principles I teach on the site is to helping other promising entrepreneurs have an assurance of success from the word, GO.

So seek out lucrative online businesses that are succeeding already. Do they have profitable money making ideas into which you can invest in or buy altogether? Unlike most new websites waiting 3-6 months to start getting constant google traffic, these successful online businesses that you plan to buy are already churning out passive money into the pockets of their owners on a regular basis.

It is just like real estate in the physical world, websites are the internet real estate but they are cheaper with an average range of $1000 – $20,000 and they give you your returns on investment faster.

Just be careful when going shopping because majority of online businesses for are no good (check out this good website/app marketplace). Stick to the niches that you know, have researched extensively on, or have experience in; and lookout for idea and opportunity to make money money out of it.

This can be by implementing better and cheaper traffic strategies, including more relevant affiliate offers, info products and ecommerce stores. You did be surprised how adding a few squeeze pages to collect emails and build your subscriber list, and setting a 10 -15 autoresponder series could 10x your website traffic and passive income – almost instantly.

Content For Loyal Members

Share on Social Media to Unlock It

In Conclusion,

Do you now see why these 3 profitable online business ideas could easily be the most lucrative passive income sources to making money online? Implementing anyone of them will transform your make money online endeavours and multiply your online business efforts overnight, thereby becoming the money machine that keeps your bank accounts full and your cherished customers happy.

Do you have any others account-filling online business ideas for passive income or do you have any questions about the three we have discussed above, let me hear about it in the comments below, okay.


How to Easily Get a Job, Cut Your Expenses, Save Some Money Start an Online Business, Live like a Millionaire

Get a Job, Cut Your Expenses, Save Some Money, Start an Online Business, Live like a Millionaire

Last Episode                                                                                                            Next Episode

This fourth answer in our desperate girl series is from:

Joonas Ahonen, BBA, entrepreneur


This stats was at the time of this posting.

Here is what he had to say to our 22 year old desperate girl with no money, job or college degree.

To avoid duplicate content issues, this may not be a direct quote but more of a paraphrase.

1) Get any job you can do that is legal and pays you in cash. I know this can be very hard and frustrating, but you have to keep hitting the wall with your head. You will find something at some point! Please see end of this post for more thoughts on this matter.

Discover how to make $1000 online in 30 days as a complete newbie. See how starting your own online business can transform your financial life forever.

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2) Establish your own baseline economy.. You earn maybe 1200–2000 euros (or equivalent) so plan your expenses accordingly – If you want to start a business, you’re going to need capital. Buy groceries and make your own food (preferably from discount groceries near their expiry date), buy stuff from flea markets, never pay full price for anything except commuter ticket.

Stop paying for having fun, instead when you want to have fun, do so without expending (much) capital. Quit buying milk (unless it’s for cooking or coffee!), lemonades, alcohol, tobacco, chocolate etc. they’re useless garbage and only serve to satisfy short term fun.

3) Once you know how to keep your hard earned money to yourself and you notice that your rigid lifestyle makes it possible to save money, make a plan for your business… at some point you can come back here and explain the situation again and get a new batch of advice on how to set up a business, but first things first.

Before asking how to set your business up you need to be able to answer at least these questions in no particular order:

  • How do you support your life while starting the business (The work I mentioned in 1)
  • Why should anyone pay for your company? -> What is your business?
  • Who are your customers?
  • How do you find your customers, or how do they find you?
  • Who is competing for the same customers with you?
  • Why should the customer choose you instead of your competition? Is your price lower, your product better or your service somehow worth more to someone?
  • How much money and time you can invest in your business, and how much it needs investments to begin with?
  • Do you need help to conduct your business? How do you pay if you hire someone? Maybe you want a business partner?
    • In case of a business partner, be sure to make shareholders agreement. This is a whole topic by itself, but take my word for it: You must have a shareholders agreement and written agreement with ALL of your business partners, excluding (maybe) your dad. Rest of the world is out there to bullshit you and will do so given the opportunity. Best friends become your worst nightmares when you do business without proper written contracts with them. Trust me on this one.

About the job situation:

You mention like travel. Perhaps you can be a travel guide? Save money to study a degree as travel guide. Start now by going to online academy such as this: Khan Academy – find something you think will help in your adventures and study it.

You mention you like art. Seek out local art museums or galleries and apply to be janitor or clerk. Read history of art or something like that so you seem like you care about the subject when you’re being interviewed for the job. Look into interesting art.

Fashion.. I have no idea what fashion is nor do I care. I hear people talking about these blogs like they’re somehow related to fashion and people making a living, but then again I also hear about unicorns and UFO’s.

Other ideas:

  • Ask elder people in your area if they need help cleaning their house or shopping or making food and tell them you can do it for 5e/hour or something
  • Go around town to groceries and ask to see the owner or manager. Tell him/her you’re looking for a job and you’re interested in his/her store.
    • If you get lucky, you can probably get your groceries at discount price – saving loads of money for you in the long run

Success to you.

So thats it.

What do you think of this advice? Do you think our 22 Year Old Desperate Girl will follow it? Would you take it if you were in her shoes? What other suggestions would you give here? Let’s hear them in the comments below. Also remember to share this post on social media.


Acquiring This Knowledge Will Change Your Financial Handicap Today

Acquiring This Knowledge Will Change Your Financial Handicap Today

Last Episode                                                                                                            Next Episode

Have you heard that knowledge is the first step?

You might be wondering, “first step in what?”. I believe in almost everything. Kevin King seems to think so as well because his answer to the cry for help from the 22 year old desperate girl was to recommend to her some authentic resources that will help obtain the knowledge to need to have an advantage of her situation.

This is the third episode  in our desperate girl series.

Kevin King, I am an avid bookworm who loves reading all sorts of books.

784 Views · Kevin has 150+ answers in Books

This stats was at the time of this posting.

Here is what he had to say to our 22 year old desperate girl with no money, joy or college degree.

To avoid duplicate content issues, this may not be a direct quote but more of a paraphrase.

Kevin’s book recommendations are in the business, success, make money online, personal finance and self help genre and I will like to speculate why his chose these.

The tips and guide for my speculation will be drive from the girl’s question itself.

First she said she was 22 years old:

That means she is a young adult who just left her teenage years. Looking through the books Kevin recommended, you will notice that the authors’ style and language were directed to a young audience with zeal to move forward even though that might be frustrated and depressed at the time of reading the book. The authors use inspirational and challenging personal life stories to evoke an action from their readers. (Books about Young Adults making good money).

Second, she said she was desperate:

Kevin’s book recommendations are of expert and authors that have proven track record of getting sure and fast results. So they are appropriate for someone in a desperate situation and needs a fix fast. In fact, many of the authors were once in a desperate situation and their books reveal how they got out. (Books about money and desperate situations).

Third, she said she had no money:

So he suggested books about how to make money online and offline. Those books dealt with business and money idea that requires little capital to start. Fund that she can easily borrow from a good friend or work a few days to earn. He didn’t stop there, he went on to suggest free and low-cost learning platforms offering practical courses that she can take in a short time. (Books about how to make money with no or little money)

Fourth, she said she had no job, no college degree:

The no college degree denotes that it would be easy to get a high paying job the traditional way. So Kevin stepped up to the task by suggesting books and online learning platforms that teaches you how to get a job or make lots of money on the internet without having a college degree. (Book about getting a job or living without one and about no college degree or cheap-free college degree)

Fifth, she ask for advice or book recommendation:

While others were mainly giving advice, Kevin went with book recommendation because as he stated on his tagline, he is a book worm. He applied the wisdom of sticking with what you know and doing it went. In doing so, he address the part of the question that 90% of the answers ignored and were knowledgeable enough to attempt. (Books on book recommendations and advice)

Sixth, she asked for how to start a business and financial increase books:

Look through Kevin’s book recommendations about, you will realised that they are all related to money, business, success and finances. Exactly the kind of books and advice our 22 year old desperate girl was asking for.

Although Kevin’s answer was short and straight to the point, just a book recommendation like some will like to think, I believe he did just to the girl’s question. Maybe even more than many other answers and individuals that ran to the aid of the damsel in need.

Do you think you would have addressed the question the way Kevin King did? Also do you have book recommendations that you will like to add to the list? Let’s hear about them in the comments below. Remember to show some love by sharing this post on social media.

Remain blessed… Until next episode – Peace be unto you.


Blogging and affiliate marketing in online business to make money online

Do It and Get The Same Result – Financial Freedom and Security

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Have you heard that there is no fit-all size shoe? While this might be true for shoes, it is not really so for success.

Of course, systems vary, environment matter and so on. But after everything have been said and done, the core principle for success remains the same. And I think our 22 years old girl knew this and that was what pushed her to asked for help.

Today in the second episode of our desperate girl series, we will be blessed by Zach Pinnell as he shares his story and principles he learnt to successfully make money on the internet. We will learn with the 22 year old desperate girl how to what he discovered in succeeding in online business. Sit tight and let’s dive in.

Zach Pinnell, I’ve screwed a lot of things up but fix them as I go.

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Here is what he had to say to our 22 year old desperate girl with no money, joy or college degree.

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The Hero’s and Entrepreneur’s Journey: Pulling Away from Desperation to Success in Life and Business

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Most people are caught in desperate situations and many are on the edge of giving up. But wait! What if there is a way out? Would you take it?

Our desperate girl series covers an individual who found herself in a similar spot as millions of other people world wide. Instead of giving up, she did a wise thing. She asked for help and hundreds of caring individuals flocked to her aid.

This series looks at some selected answers and suggestions she was offered in online business, education and training, part-time job, make money online, changing her life through the supernatural power of Jesus Christ, and  many other answers.

Follow this series and you too will find answers that will address your own specific situation.

This first answer in our desperate girl series is from:

 John Chang, I help creative entrepreneurs make small changes for BIG results

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Here is what he had to say to our 22 year old desperate girl with no money, joy or college degree.

To avoid duplicate content issues, this may not be a direct quote but more of a paraphrase.

Like first responders arriving at the scene of a disaster, you need to triage your situation –first things first.

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Everyone is taught “ABC” when they learn CPR – Airway, Breathing, Circulation.

Right now you need oxygen.. STAT – even if it’s just a gulp of air like part-time work to make money online.

Unless you take some key steps, you will fail again and again. But no matter what, it’s about becoming who you need to be.

Find any work that needs your current skills – that’s a start. Besides Craigslist, your personal network is probably the best source of leads, but desperation can be a money repellent.

Be frank and honest, but centered with an attitude of “how can I help?” Always remember to seek value before reward.

Once you’ve got some breathing room, then you can think about something more ambitious.

Starting a business online or offline is like trying to build a submarine while diving.

Until your sub is built, you can only stay under for so long.

Seed money is your oxygen tank. The more seed, the longer you can work on your submarine before needing to come back up for air.

While many people have started businesses with little or no money, they still needed to have their basic needs taken care of somehow – either a regular job, some other source of income or supportive spouse.

I agree with Luke Ev that you don’t need to dive into some expensive training program but you still need some training to succeed in online business. As I’ve previously shared, a friend’s spouse trained under a chef before working at a five-star hotel.

Luckily, the spouse didn’t enroll in a pricey culinary institute because she’d still be paying off those student loans – long after she decided that it wasn’t the life for her!

Treat your part-time work as exploration – not just as a way of earning money online, but also seeing what you can learn about yourself and what you can see yourself starting a business doing.

You never know where your curiosity will take you.

But I disagree with the popular “follow your passion” advice. As Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs also points out, this is dangerous advice.

So instead, follow your curiosity – what I consider the most essential skill in business.

One of my favorite stories of following your curiosity, of course, is Steve Jobs and how he pursued his fascination with calligraphy.

“If I had never dropped in on that single course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts. And since Windows just copied the Mac, it’s likely that no personal computer would have them. If I had never dropped out, I would have never dropped in on this calligraphy class, and personal computers might not have the wonderful typography that they do. Of course it was impossible to connect the dots looking forward when I was in college. But it was very, very clear looking backward 10 years later.

Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward.”

This is your entrepreneur’s journey.

Recently, I realized how it’s also the hero’s journey.