Increased Conversion – More Sales and Leads with Origin Page Builder Plugin: Make More Money Online Business

Origin Builder is packed 7 Million+ royalty-free high definition images to help you create attractive websites sales and landing pages with sleek content… no other platform offers this.

With Origin Builder doesn’t use Ajax so it is speed-optimised, it’s high performance composer causes all your actions to happen instantly. You can finally take control of page content; engage visitors; gain more social traffic; convert leads and make sales unlimitedly without any coding and design skills.

In less than 5 minutes, you can easily create industry-standard sales pages; and professional, interactive and smart landing pages that works on any theme and niche. Just drag n’ drop to easily build websites and pages with design sleek and high conversion rates that will soon be reflected in your bank account.

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Increased conversion rates; that’s the one thing every webmasters, bloggers, internet marketers and practically anyone that makes money online wants. How can I make more sale, get more traffic, capture more leads for my subscriber email list, get more reader eyeballs on my content? That’s it, they all are they want more and they want it fast, and a lot of it.

So why is it important to increase your conversion rates?

More sales and more lead capture and more reader traffic – more money from your online business website and blog.

This is why every online business must have it. If they don’t, they close down because there is no cash flow to keep the business afloat.

So why are they struggling to grow their online businesses, reader traffic and even their email subscriber list?

It is because they have not been able to significantly increased their conversation rates. First impression and professionalism still counts in business: The culprit for this lies in the design of their website and how optimised it is for SEO and the best user experience. Bad website designs and ugly, unengaging, converting landing page have rained havoc on innocent online business owners trying to sell online to make a living on the internet.

So how can the conversion for more sales, more reader traffic and more email lead problem be solved?

You solve it by correcting what caused it: simply created better engaging, attractive and consequently converting landing pages. In the past, you would probably have to hire a designer and programer for hundreds to thousands of dollars to perform the conversion magic for you. This might not be EASIEST or FASTEST way to make a great design for your website’s sales and landing pages.

It involves days and weeks of conferring with your web designers and coders to get just what you want. No wonder it costs that much.


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Another option you might have chosen would be to purchase pre-made sales and landing page theme, template or plugins.

These also have their limitations. You have to keep buying new sales and landing page themes for every new websites, sales pages, products and landing pages. It will also consume a lot of time as you try to tweak the theme to fit the exact concept you have in mind.

Majority of these themes restricts your creativity and imagination as they are pre-coded to act in a specific way. Furthermore, many of the sales page and landing page themes and plugins are pre-built for the typical internet marketing/make money online niche. The templates in the sales and landing page plugins and themes are coded in the make money online style and won’t fit well for other real online businesses. What will you use for niches such as real estate company, travel agency, colleges and university websites, fashion and entertainment, retail brand for general merchandise of consumer goods, under construction website and so on.


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That’s it; hiring web designers, coders and programmers will cost you thousands of dollars which will negatively affect your small business or growing website. Buying pre-configured sales and landing page themes and plugins which don’t only cost you money, but also require hours of your valuable time to tweak.

So how do you create sleek, beautiful and high converting websites and pages for your online businesses without hiring a costly designer, or struggling to design & code the sites yourselves?

How do you produce a sales page and landing page that is engaging, attractive and converting without using pre-made themes and plugins whose layouts and features constrains your creativity and imagination?

How do you create a sales and landing page for your real online business that is fast, not time consuming, and unique – not in the “make-money-online” style?


The Answer is Origin Builder, the wordpress plugin that is optimised for online marketing and that helps you create custom engaging, beautiful and converting sales and landing pages that is gets you more sales, capture more email lead, increase your website reader traffic by encouraging social sharing.


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Origin page builder frees your creativity and imagination to produce the best converting sales and landing pages that you can. If you like design of a landing or sales page on the web, you can recreate it on your own website or blog using Origin page builder.

Origin Builder is packed 7 Million+ royalty-free high definition images to help you create attractive websites with sleek content… no other platform offers this.

It is a super fast drag and drop page building wordpress plugin that has both the backend and frontend editor features. With it you can build classic converting sales and landing page websites and pages in minutes that will keep making your money online for a very, very long time.


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Your creativity is unleashed, there unlimited layout and design possibilities. If you can think it, you can create it. If you see it somewhere else, you can recreate it on your own website. You can use it on unlimited website to keep making custom beautiful, converting sales and landing pages to grow your traffic and subscriber list for as long as you want. It is very fast and easy to use, with no coding/programing knowledge required.


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You can strategically grow your online businesses online, generate more daily sales, increase website reader traffic and capture more leads for your email subscriber list today.

It is a robust, professional and user-friendly page builder, a tool for all website owner and all online marketers. A 5 star software to generate create websites in any niche (not just make money online). To generate sales and landing pages on the go without spending enormous time and fortune on designers, coders; and pre-made theme and plugins.

Origin Page Builder plugin for WordPress, helps you create websites with the latest web design trend “parallax scrolling”. Thereby, creating a 3D effect and an everlasting impression on your websites visitors to enhance user experiences.

Origin Builder was designed and created for everyone in every niche, Online Marketers, Business Owners and Everyone in between to help them Start Creating Beautiful, High Converting Websites and Landing Pages.


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