Want to Make Money: Why Start and Build a Successful Online Business

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If you are reading this, then you are one of these 3 groups of people.

  1. You are think of starting an online business
  2. You have already started but are struggling to keep your head above the water
  3. You have already found the secret of owning an online business, you love it and you are wondering why you started in the first place! Thank God you did.

Whichever group you fall into, you are in the right place. We’ve covered becoming rich and what the rich know and do; we have also covered getting out of financial troubles, so now it is time to make some money.

WANT TO MAKE MONEY: WHY TO START AND BUILD A SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESSIt’s a Tuesday evening exactly 11:52pm and I am sitting at my work desk in my house in Cyprus eagerly typing away on my PC, my keyboard urging me on, and numerous thoughts and words are shooting in, out and around my head.

I am exactly where I want to be, doing what I love to do (inspiring other and pulling them toward the path of success), that’s the beauty of the internet. That’s the beauty of online business.

So what am I typing? Do you want to know?

Okay, I will tell you.

I am typing this - Want to Make Money: Why to start and build a successful Online Business.

Yes that’s right; this exact post.

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So since you want to make money, why would starting an online business be the recommended path to follow? That what I will cover in this post, but first let’s see what over 200,000+ other readers like you had to say when surveyed by Ramit Sethi the Author of the New Time bestseller – I will teach you to be rich.

He asked, do you want to start an online business?

And they responded (wait for it) …………..…YEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!  (See chart below)

Do you want to start an online business

So he asked the next logical question: Why Do You Want to Start an Online Business?

Their response was also amazing and unprecedented…  (See chart below)

why to start an online business, reason to make money online

Wow, it somehow surprising. Who would have thought that money would come third and fourth in their scale of preference? But come to think of it, it makes complete sense.

It is not the paper money you want; it is what the money can buy. The ability to be free to live your potentially beautiful lives (some of you will definitely want to change the level of life you now have), how you want it and where you want it.

The flexibility to visit friends and families you haven’t seen in ages. To stay home with you child, (even on “work days”), travel the world and chase after the dreams of your teenage and early adult lives.

The ability to always have enough for your needs, want, your family’s and even to give more to charity, missionary work, evangelism and to you friends when they are in need.

That’s some of the beauty of being an entrepreneur; some of the reasons why you should start your own online business.

But there is more and I will cover them below… So keep reading 😉

More Reasons to start and build a successful Online Business

When I started my online business journey, I also had to answer that very important question – Why do I want to start an online business? This is the fact:

If you are not clear on the reason you are embarking on any endeavor, your convention to succeed in that path won't be firm; and that’s if you ever start.     --- Frank Chisom

If you are not clear on the reason you are embarking on any endeavor, your convention to succeed in that path won't be firm; and that’s if you ever start. --- Frank Chisom Click To Tweet

  • I knew I was an entrepreneur – I had to start something, I must put that conviction to test.
  • I had already swore not be subjected to the system (no 9am – 5pm for me)
  • I wanted to be rich and I knew I had to apply The 8S Principle of the Rich and Powerful
  • Then I had just started my first year of college, I wanted to be financially independent of my parent by the end of that academic year.
  • I knew an online business was my cheaper and faster chance of success, especially at that time.

Those were some of my reasons. Yours may differ but whatever it is, you have got to find it.

The successful online business copyblogger said, --- Know. Like. Trust --- is the pathway to online business success.

But I ask; how can your audiences know you, like you and trust you, if you never started: if you never showed up.

And what better and easier way to make money than than cheaply starting and building a successful online business, is there for someone who already do not have much to with, .

Look at these stats and tell me what they tell you.

cost of website

Above is a simple break down of Chandoo.org as depicted on Startup Desi, it’s running cost for a per month page view of 350,000 and a bandwidth of 25GB and yet it cost only approx. $250 a month. A physical business with that much activity will have running cost of thousands of dollars per month.

Since yours is just starting, it is most likely to cost much less than $250 per month.

Look at another example from eCorner.com, an online store solution similar to shopify, they help you setup up your online store similar to eBay or amazon.

cost of website

From the break down above, you can see that your online store will cost you about $1,174 per year. That is $98 per month, I can confidently say that there is no physical store of the same size that will be so ridiculously cheap to startup and run.

Some Fact You Must Know Before Starting Your Own Online Business

You are interested in knowing why to start an online business because you have no clue about internet business, you have heard that that others are making online, or you probably have tried in the past to make money online and had failed.

The reason I did not fail was because I had the right mindset about making money on the internet. I knew the failure option was not on the table and so unlike most people who fail, I studied about internet business, just like you are doing now – congratulations; and developed the knowledge and mindset for it.

So, my friend, listen to me. What I tell you from now on will determine if you succeed or not. If you really want the freedom, flexibility, passive income, higher income, challenge, prestige and reputation that owning your online business offers, do well to remember and apply what I tell you here and you will succeed.
A whopping 90% of all internet business startups fail within the first 120 days, only 10% succeed. Click To Tweet

So Pals listen up; I am not telling this to you alone, believe it or not, I gave myself the same advice, I paid attention to my own voice of wisdom and I succeeded. if you want to be among that 10% that succeeds do these:

  • Here they are:  Remember it is a business, and treat it as such; the rules of business still apply. Numerous startups and newbie to internet business failed because they neglected that.
  • With online business almost all transactions are on the internet and you have a potential to reach a global audience. However, you still have to manage your customers and clients; only that as an online business, you have more freedom and time flexibility.

  • The responsibilities of owning an online business are similar to an offline business; the main difference is that online business is cheaper, easier, more lucrative, less stressful and less demanding. But it is still a business and must be treated as such.
  • Don’t expect to get quick rich. It is different from a job where you expect to be paid at the end of the month. As a business owner, you must be prepare to go without pay for at least the first 3 month after setting out on your online business journey. Remember, you are creating and developing something great and beautiful, so you must give it time to grow.

So you are open-minded to finding a Job you hate and putting yourself in debt in college, but close-mind to take a looking at a solution that works… How’s that working out?         ---Anonymous

So you are open-minded to finding a Job you hate and putting yourself in debt in college, but close-mind to take a looking at a solution that works… How’s that working out? Click To Tweet

  • Therefore, don’t quit your job as soon as you start your online business – rather let the pain of having to wake up early every morning to join the terrible morning rush, motivate you to work on your online business and to grow it to the point that it can fully support you.
  • If you are currently unemployed, work hard to make your online business a success as soon as possible. If you find a job during the process and you can spare the time, take the job. Remember, the more money you have to invest into any business, the faster it can grow.

Educate yourself and follow a mentor that has succeeded already in the online business world. Prepare mentally, physically and spiritually for your online business endeavors. Believe you will succeed and do the work required for success.

Of course, success is within reach. Every 3 months, 10% of new online business startups pass their test and hence remain standing. Everything must be tested, so that only the genuine ones can proceed. If you really want to start and own your online business and enjoy all its benefits, you will succeed.... I did.

The Advantage of Choosing to Start with an Online Business

If you are really determined to have freedom and flexibility in life, to break out of the system (like in animal farm), to become rich and gain wealth; then, starting your own online business is one of the best shot you’ve got. Take a look at the infographic created by Visually.


  1. The internet is still growing:

In the past 5 years, the idea of starting an online business has become extremely popular. However, the web is still not saturated, because the population of internet users is rapidly growing every single day. So you will be entering a pretty young market with vast potentials.

  1. Almost Endless Niches

Online you are completely in control. You can function practically from hundreds and thousands of niches. It all depends on your preference and initial plan.

  1. Vast Potential customers

Since the number of internet users is perpetually on the rise, you potential customers are also ever increasing. It is now up to you to devise effective strategies to harness them.

  1. Low start-up costs

Unlike a brick and mortar business, your internet business will require far less startup up fund to finance it because you will be need little or no office furniture, store accessories and other business amenities.

Since your online business can be fully automated, you are spared the heavy cost of human resource.

  1. Monetize passion and knowledge

Finally, it is no longer just a hobby but a hobby or skill that's also makes you money.

  1. Location of Choice

You can run your online business from any location of your choice. You can hire virtual staffs online and hence, can travel with your business wherever you go.

  1. Automated Business

For me, this is the best part. 98% of your online business task and day to day running can be fully automated, thereby allowing you to run multiple online businesses at the same time.

  1. Low entry level skill

Like I told you, I knew practically nothing about online business when I started. Its nature is in such a way that it is totally possible to learn on the job. If you are willing to invest in books, course and time to educate yourself, you will definitely succeed in online business.

  1. Low initial risk

Because of the low initial cost of setting up your online business, the risk to you is very low. You can set a time frame of 1-2 years and throw in all your effort and you will succeed, however, if for some reason you do not, you have lost nothing. You will also be proud and satisfied with yourself because you tried. But I know if you follow my principles, recommendations and teachings on this website, you will succeed.


Overall, the reasons to start your online business today far outweighs any reluctance to give it a tried. Just like I said throughout this article, it is a very reputable system and those who know what they doing always succeed.

But just like every entrepreneurial endeavor, it requires your commitment and dedication, especially at the beginning, to make it a complete success.

So what do you think? I will like to hear your own thoughts below.

What are the 3 main reasons you will want to start your own online business? When do you plan to start your own online business? And if you are still not sure it is the path for you, then share your doubts and reasons in the comments below.

Remember to click the social buttons below to share the post with your friends, and/or strangers. There is love in sharing. 😉

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