What Do I Need to Success

Make Money Tools

Make Money Tools

You will need at least one tool in each category as you advance in making money online. They listed in order of the most needed now to the least need now.


Domains and Hosting

Below we have listed 5 services where you are sure to get quality domain registration (www.yoursite.com) and web hosting service (internet space for your website/blog) all in one place. We rank these services among the best with minimum of 99.99% uptime with excellent, helpful and timely customer service teams. They are varying prices to meet your various needs and website demands.


Blog and Website Needs

Website Theme

Do you think that owners of top websites on the internet use Premium themes for no reason? Premium themes are well designed, and are SEO friendly. They can easily be uploaded in a WordPress new installation or be used to replace your old theme. When considering superior themes and templates for WordPress, these themes and theme companies listed below should be on the top of your list. They are of high quality and are quite affordable.


Affordable Website and Blog Designers

Even though a WordPress site is quick easy to create and design, you may be feeling too new to want to create your first website yourself or you may be running out of time and want a website in a day or even less. Whatever your specific situation maybe, you always get a professional website designed for you in no time at all.


You can also decide to hire a freelancer to do built the website for you also at an affordable prices.


Online business and make money online Trainings


Affiliate Programs to join for free > http://affiliateuni.org/affiliate-programs

Resourceful websites - http://globalwealthinnovations.com ,   http://websiteuni.org



Niches Research, Market Research and Keyword Research/Competition Analysis

Keyword Research, Niche Research and competition analysis is usually one of the major differences between a successful website and a failed website.  Below are tools that will greatly help your market research. With these you discover a huge range of related keywords to target as well as the competition and monthly Google searches. Each tool has many specific features of its own. Click on them to find out more.



Content Creation Website or Blog

Hand Written Content

As an online marketer or blogger, time is very important and content demands are endless. So in order to meet up with the demand and increase your chance of success and higher earning, you will have to outsource some of your content creation. There are numerous freelancers waiting to serve you at very affordable prices and you can find them using the links below. You can also work there if you wish.


Auto Generated Content

There are also times when you will highly unique contents in large quantity for your other less serious free blog you use for back linking and seo purposes. These very powerful software will help you create good cheap content and also schedule to automatically posted them to you sites and blogs. Considering there numerous features, these tools are very affordable. Use each link to watch their video demonstrations.


Article Spinning

As you well know, article spinning comes in handy well sharing your well written unique article to multi ezine sites and article directories. By spinning your articles, you are sure that only quality and unique content is share and hence avoid duplicate content. These two software are high trusted and are full of useful features. They should be your only choice for spinning content.


Videos Content

Article to Video - More and more internet users are demanding video content. So having an easy way to create videos has become totally necessary. This software will convert any article you put into it a professional looking video include irrelevant pictures and different natural voice overs.

Get your FREE account today >> http://freehelpfultips.com/articletovideo and if you decide to upgrade use this 50% discount code >> AVR2-G8662


Video Content - There are also times when you will need to capture your screen for a webinar, a video course, a YouTube video for traffic or a video review of a product. This software is extremely easy to use and is rich with dazzling features for editing. >>


Email Marketing and Autoresponder Services

It  is old news that if you wish to success online and continue in spite of any google updates, that it is absolutely necessary to start building your email list as early as day one. These highly reputable email marketing services offers fantastic email marketing and auto responder features. They both have a 30 days trail period so head over and open your free account today.

SEO Monitoring Tools for complete website SEO status and report

This SEO web application cover all area from link building, ranking, back link hygiene and monitoring and so much more. It is also perfect for individual, SEO service provider and large company websites.  It has great report features and can even provide you will pdf report to review or to present to your clients.

Open a free account and start your SEO projects today >> http://freehelpfultips.com/linkprofile


Backlink Building and Campagine Tools

Manage and track your link building campaign from one place. Try Free http://freehelpfultips.com/buildlink

This tool is an all in one automated link builder and it still maintains its position as the best. It is still the most complete software for link building on the internet. With this software, you can create unlimited backlinks from any type of website on the internet. Check it out >> http://freehelpfultips.com/backlinks

This tool also helps you build back links by automatically submitting articles to e-zine sites and article directories on your behalf. Find out more about it here >> http://freehelpfultips.com/autosubmit


Rank Tracking

After create those backlinks, you have got to track them to see how well they are doing and which once you need to optimize. However, doing so manually is not only hectic but also time consuming. If you are providing SEO services to client and if you are serious about SEO for your website, then this all in package software is a must for you.

Check your free trail today >> http://freehelpfultips.com/seofullpack


Backlink Checkers

As you may well know, backlink is a major key to ranking high on the search engines and to acquiring more website track traffic from other website; there you have to be on top of the game. Set up a free account with this software today and start tracking your backlinks and your competitor’s backlinks.

Try it for free today >> http://freehelpfultips.com/linkprofile

If you are starting a link building campaign and want to take over from you competitor, then this software is for you. It analyses your competitor’s website and backlinks and reports back to you. With this useful information, you can make a better informed decision.

Check it out for free today >> http://freehelpfultips.com/spybacklinks

Lead Generation

Use this tool most powerful data scraping tool to generate lead by scraping business data from sources such as Craigslist, Google Places, Yell.com, Google, and hundreds of other places. This software has multiply features learn about it here >>  http://freehelpfultips.com/leadscrape

Traffic Generation

This service - http://freehelpfultips.com/socialcamp  is very reliable and dependable at generating highly target traffic to a website. It is very powerful and once it is set up, it is cool easy sailing all the way.

If you are doing YouTube marketing, and you should, or if you relies on youtube video to drive traffic then you need this tool Find out more here >> http://freehelpfultips.com/utubetraffic

This ebook explains some traffic truth that most people do not know and those who knew have forgotten http://freehelpfultips.com/profitseo

Through this forum, you can generate tons of traffic and advertising here is far cheaper than AdSense >> http://freehelpfultips.com/adsforum

This tool will help you drive traffic from YouTube by AUTOMATICALLY choosing keywords, creating titles, create the videos and also upload them for you. For more details on how this tool work,

Learn more here >> http://freehelpfultips.com/autouvid


Social Media Marketing

This tool turns your Facebook pages and twitter to a gold mine. See >> http://freehelpfultips.com/autopost

For twitter and Instagram, this tool has amazing, extraordinary features. It offers ways of mass following thereby causing your followers to dramatically increase beyond imaginations. Try it for free today >> http://freehelpfultips.com/mysocial

Have total control off how your brand and company is seen and perceived on any social media. Find out more about this social media tool here >> http://freehelpfultips.com/socialcamp

Your social media networks and marketing all managed and controlled from one interface with numerous useful money making features. Start 30 day free trail >> http://freehelpfultips.com/onesocial

Tool Building/Automation

This tool is unique because it does not only solve your problem but it also helps you build your own tools and software which you can also sell to make more money. Without any coding knowledge, you can build tools to automate any online task possible. You are only limited by your imagination.

Check it out here >> http://freehelpfultips.com/autotools

Captcha Solving

As you may already know, captchas are annoying and a waste of time. This tools save you the stress, trouble and time by auto solving captcha. It is very compatible with most automation tools for internet marketing. Using this tool will save you a lot of money in the long run compared to using captcha solving services. With this tool you also see more success in your linking building and article submission.

Find out more details here >> http://freehelpfultips.com/killcaptcha

Outsourcers/Virtual Assistants

There are thousands of skilled freelancers online ready to serve you and help you with any task you want. You can hire very capable freelancers and virtual assistants from these freelance websites listed below.


Online Store

It has become so much easier to see your products or affiliate products online. You can have every set up in less than 24 hours and start selling today -  http://freehelpfultips.com/estore

Proxies and VPN

It is kind of rare to find good, fast, trustworthy and also really affordable proxies and vpn services. As an online marketer, it is ALWAYS advisable to have an ample supply of fast vpn and proxies. They also are very useful when dealing with forums and automated tool used in article marketing, link building and traffic generation.


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