Young Online Entrepreneurs – Group Rules and Guidelines

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Young Online Entrepreneurs was founded by Frank Chisom in response to the cry of a growing number of online entrepreneurs who seek a social platform where they can connect, share and learn from other savvy entrepreneurs in a mutually beneficial manner.

This is an online community of smart minds and revolutionary business opportunities. A visual place where world renowned business individuals meet. Where everyone's idea is valuable and welcomed to create a sustainable economy. We are the world changers.


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This group also serves as an extention to Global Weath Innovations /share-on-social, ( and their network of websites. It serves as a chat room (aside from the website comment sections) for readers, followers and students of our various websites and courses to interact, engage and network with each other.

 Age does not matter to it, entrepreneurship is for the young at heart. As an entrepreneur, you are not permitted to get old or get stuck in the past; thus every true entrepreneur is young.

--- Frank Chisom

Entrepreneurship demands that the entrepreneur keeps bubbling with fresh innovative ideas, strategies and tactics that are effective, efficient and futuristic.

--- Frank Chisom

Rules for Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn Group

Rules have never been my thing; but I have soon come to realise that they are of great necessity in a world where there are oceans of opinions, mindsets and norms. So to ensure that we all "live and let's live", these few guidelines have become essential for the beneficial growth of "Young Online Entrepreneurs" groups in all social networks.

Please do well to understand and follow them, since failure to do so may result in banning from the group. We usually give at least one public warning on the wall, in the most polite way possible before taking action.

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Daily Group Discussion Guidelines

This daily topic schedule below should serve as a guideline. They are not "set in stone" (some topics outside the day's topic can be raised), they serve to encourage productive, beneficial, focused, and progressive conversations in the group.

All members are encouraged to participate, contribute and engage. Only active member during the week will be permitted to participate on FRIDAY - MARKET DAY.


MONDAY --- Finding your dream, vision and purpose. Staying motivated to overcome challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

TUESDAY --- The need to be Rich: The role of money in the exchange society we live in; the need to be financially independent and free.

WEDNESDAY --- Starting Online Business: Why, How, Who, When, and all that's involved.

THURSDAY --- Building a successful online business through sustainability, networking, customer acquisition and many more.

FRIDAY --- Market Day _ on this day members WHO HAVE BEEN ACTIVE during the week can promote their products and services, blog posts and so on. Friday is market day on this group but please let's remember to be moderate and not go overboard. ( Market Day starts by 12:00am GMT and ends by 11:30pm GMT ) be conscious of your time zone.

SATURDAY --- Establish and scale your business: Becoming the sought after expert, product or service in your industry___ tips, strategies, advice, and more.

SUNDAY --- Open Day: Any appropriate question and answer related to group. Tips sharing, definition giving (eg. who is an online entrepreneur, what is business, who is a businessman, why entrepreneurship and so on).


Helpful Suggestions and Tips

The following, while not strict rules and certainly things that are open to interpretation, are suggested “best practices” for posting. Following these recommendations should make your Facebook experience more beneficial:

Treat Each Other With Respect – We understand that some topics can become the centre of heated debates. We also understand that not everyone gets along. Quite often, things are merely misunderstandings. Regardless of which situation applies, please treat each other with respect. Avoid name calling and resorting to offensive posts such as those specified in our rules above. Wherever possible, try to quickly clarify misunderstandings. When that's not possible, simply agree to disagree and move on.

Keep it Factual & Cite Sources – If you make a statement, please let people know if it’s just an opinion, an interpretation or if it’s a direct quote (i.e., "in my opinion..." or "according to ..."). Please cite sources used so that other’s will have the chance to form their own informed opinions. This should make any information exchanges more fruitful.

Stay on Topic – Keep in mind that this is the Young Online Entrepreneurs group so the topics and discussions should be around entrepreneurship, motivation, light jokes, business, startups, becoming rich and influential, leadership, and other related topics. As you can see, the above rules and suggestions are based on good old fashioned common sense. If something is wrong, don’t do it. Just remember to adhere to the old adage “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

Share, Invite and Contribute - Support this group by sharing it on social media, personal inviting your friends and relative interested in business and entrepreneurship. Contribute by posting, commenting and engaging with others on the group.


Please read them before joining

By posting joining the Facebook group, you agree to adhere to the following common sense rules.

Feel free to contact me using this page Becoming an Internet Billionaire if you think we need to add or re-evaluate any of these rules, just let me know specifically what the issue is and we will look into it.


1) - NO BUMPING. Intentionally bumping your own post so as to make sure your post stays on top is not allowed. Many people "bump" their post in a variety of ways. Some say thank you to other's likes multiple times. Some wait for a while and then comment on their photo to add more details some time later when they should have said it at the time of the post. Some issue a comment and then immediately delete the comment. No matter how you do it, if your goal is to have your post moved back to the top to gain additionally attention, this is called bumping. Please don't do it. Our mods are smart enough to see through any attempt around this. Spammers will be automatically blocked and their posts deleted (this refers to people or "bots" which join and then post inappropriate or completely unrelated posts).


2) LINKS RULES! - Generally links are allowed ONLY IF they are non promotional and if they are relevant to the topic and discussion of the day and post that they are in. (since the group serves Global Wealth Innovations and its network of site, links to them are exempt from this rule). Do not try the group for selling or advertising, make use of the market day which have been made available for this purpose. (Please behave yourself by not abusing this privilege. Doing so may result in being banned from the group or worst the removal of the privilege).


3) NO IMPERSONATION – We don’t want members with offensive names (use your common sense). Young entrepreneurs also uses our group and sites. We also have zero tolerance for anyone who deliberately or maliciously posts something while pretending to be someone else. This will result in automatic and permanent banishment.


4) - WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE. This is a kid friendly zone. Yes I am aware they will hear kids their own age practice an extensive vocabulary of vile words at school, but I don't run the school. I do run this forum, however. THIS ALSO MEANS NO ABBREVIATED WORDS, OR ACRONYMS. Just because you spelled a word or phrase out using alternative symbols, or just the first letters, does not mean you have somehow exempted yourself from the rules. AND... I have to humbly ask that the language please stay in English. I mean no offense to anyone's nationality, but we would like to all know what you are saying.


5) - TREAT EACH OTHER WITH RESPECT. Having an opinion is one thing. Trying make someone look stupid, and you look awesome through a creative use of words, or just simply outright saying someone is stupid or their photo is pointless etc., will not be tolerated. Roaming through the posts with a chip on your shoulder thinking everyone else is just out to argue with you, is the same thing and will not be allowed either. Bottom line is this: Please remember that your typed sentence can be read a totally different way than what you heard in your head. Always try to say what you like about something, before you offer unsolicited criticism saying what you don't. If they do not ask for an opinion, and you have nothing positive to offer, then it would simply be best to remain silent.


6) NO OFFENSIVE POSTING/FLAMING – Personal or discriminatory attacks in the form of name calling/insults, harassment, defamation or other extreme or inappropriate comments are not acceptable. Remember that people from all walks of life may use this Facebook page. If members see any offensive posts, please do not respond to them. Instead, report them to our staff via about page above.


7) THIS IS A FAMILY FRIENDLY SITE. No risqué photos. If you have any question on what that is, then contact me or a Moderator and we will explain it. Bottom line is if you would not show it in any church because they might be offended, then don't show it here. This applies to all links as well! Photos of girls in bikinis will always sit in a gray area of determination. You run the risk of having them removed if you post them. So if your photo gets deleted, just know that a moderator made the determination that your photo was not family friendly. Don't get mad or go on a rampage (You would get banned if you do). Just know that posting those kind of pics incur a risk.


8) NO MODIFYING POST– Posts must not be modified or deleted AFTER others have responded specifically to them. This is out of courtesy to others- the loss of data may have a “snowball effect” which will make subsequent responses incoherent. If there are responses to earlier posts in the thread, but not specifically to yours, you can delete it. Just don't do anything that will cause subsequent posts/comments to no longer make any sense. If you change your mind or need to correct something, simply add new comments.


9) - HAVE AN ISSUE WITH THESE RULES? HAVE AN ISSUE WITH ME, MY MODERATORS, OR ANYONE ELSE ON THIS GROUP? HAVE AN ISSUE WITH ANY PRODUCT? DON'T RANT ABOUT YOUR ISSUES ON THE GROUP WALL. Have enough respect to come to me, my moderators, or any individual directly. I have an email form on the website. Be courteous enough to have an actual conversation with me. Members can be messaged directly by clicking on their name. Ranting on the group page in front of everyone else, means you are just trying to cause trouble. I would not walk into your living room with your friends over and tell you what an idiot you are. Please give me, my moderators, and the fellow members, the same respect. Failure to conform to this will result in instant banning.


10) I MAY REPOST YOUR CONTENT. This group, while listed on Facebook, or Google+, is an extension of the, Global Wealth innovations and its network of websites . As such, I may periodically spotlight a piece of content that you post by using it in whole or part in a blog post. You will of course receive attribution and a link back to your website or Facebook profile page were possible. You will then be notified only if you have your Facebook account or Google+ account set up so people that are not your friends may send you a message. If you have that locked down, and do not publicize any other means of contacting you, then of course that will be an impossibility. You may of course request I remove your posting after I have done so, and I will do so immediately. But I figure if you posted it here, you want to show it off, soooo.....


11) THIS IS FOR GOOGLE+ MEMBERS ONLY: Currently there is no way to delete a single comment. We may only delete the entire thread. This means if you were careless and violated the rules while commenting on someone else's post, then we cannot simply delete your comment. We have to delete that other person's post and everyone else's comments at the same time. They are not going to be happy that their post was removed because YOU violated the rules. If that happens, we will ban you. Period. You may of course appeal our decision by contacting me at Becoming an Internet Billionaire.


12) The list of posts to be deleted immediately and without warning (and any offending member possibly to be temporarily suspended from the group until the issue is resolved), would be (not necessarily limited to)

  • Posts personally critical or abusive of others
  • Discussion about our Products and Support (support requests, suggestion and so on. Please your the about page above for this purpose)
  • Posts about ‘blocking’ members
  • Posts that are demonstrably starting an argument that is not related to online business and entrepreneurship
  • Posts discussing moderator decisions
  • Posts that are potentially libellous or in breach of Facebook policies on obscenity, equal opportunities, racism etc.
  • Posts deemed unsuitable for an audience that could be as young as 13
  • Posts with the specific intention of product promotion and advertising (as this is an extension to our website, Global Wealth Innovations and are exempt).
  • Posts announcing departures from the group



Anyone who strongly disagrees with an action taken by us (removal of posts, blocking of members, etc.) is asked to please contact our staff via private message on Becoming an Internet Billionaire or through the About page above.

The situation will most certainly be addressed in a fair manner. However, it’s inevitable that we won’t be able to please everyone and as such will not allow it to become a drawn-out debate. In these cases please remember that this is our site and assessment of penalties is done at our own discretion. In other words, we have the final say.

Due to the varying nature of every human being, these rules are to ensure that the Young Online Entrepreneurs group on all social network remain of the highest quality to positive grow and develop our esteem member.

Thank you for cooperating and participating 🙂

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